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    1. Kar71k15

      Blur my word Like you could see their guesses on the left side of the screen

    2. Kar71k15

      can we just appreciate that harry was 1st for the longest time.

    3. Pockets .001

      The very last sidemen Sunday should be every clip blurred or muted, un-blurred and un-muted

    4. RobloxPro_ YT


    5. OMoojen 0804

      Why is JMEs monitor so high up like he must get neck issues


      14:37 14:35 the editor didn’t bother blurring words on left lol 15:19

    7. NoahTV

      the 8th sideman have arrived 🥺

    8. Benzy

      When they censored the chat I bet some one put but plug

    9. Ben7594

      After this round. Simon is... The weakest link

    10. Tejalkera_Msp love

      The thumbnail 😂😂😂🤭

    11. Scluzzy


    12. WilmottOntheGo

      24:40 we nearly had a sidemen video when all cameras are on throughout 😭

    13. Kiwi 2104

      JJ laughing at bumhole for 2 minutes straight is the funniest shit ever

    14. No Govy

      The way I just KNEW " Akons Ebola Bubble" was Viks word 🤣 this guy is obsessed with Ebola stg.

    15. GeminiGirl1234

      c o n o r a v i r u s

    16. Rrezarta Meti

      15:17 the text unblurs and you can see what harry typed

    17. FichU

      14:33 For anyone wondering why its blurred you can see the word on the left next to their names Thank me later

    18. gal saksida

      Why is the chat blurred at 14:41 ?

    19. Ali Dheere

      fam i cried at some of the answers. plus Ethan's laughter doesnt help either LOOOL box of cards LOOOOOOOOOL real tears

    20. Nott_ Skitt

      They blur the chat but not on the side next to the characters lol

    21. Pug Life

      The original 8th member

    22. Not Pende1o

      Bring back cards against humanity

    23. Soilder 57

      This game here is actually looking fun the sidemen should play it when it comes out

    24. David Panken

      If you love JJ’s laugh, you have to love this video. He can’t stop! 😂 Especially the second half, for example at Conoravirus and bumhole.

    25. Improlic

      What’s wrong with me, I can’t see the error in Somebody touch ma spaget

    26. Antonio Rojas Sanchez

      15:19 they didnt blur it, have they?

    27. G. Rigz

      We need JME in more videos especially in lockdown. Bring back Cards Against Humanity

    28. Mozkiller123

    29. Brian M

      No one know the cartoon meanings only you know

    30. Red Red

      Ethan giving Vik a thumbs down so harry gives him a thumbs up 🥺 5:44

    31. Itsyoboii 100

      Harry said “bitco*n”

    32. Efe Sağıroğlu


    33. Mr.100 rupees

      Jamie's camera angle is like the one on my online lessons when I want to cheat in an assessment

    34. Sam Boyce

      When they forgot to blur it on the left when it popped up haha


      Holy Fucc jme can draw 😂

    36. Ashley Inman

      JJ sounds like pennywise 😂

    37. gracie 22

      Anyone else thought that tobi and jme were related ??

    38. FootStar Fanatics

      Absolutely love when JME is in Sidemen videos! Every video he is in seems to be at a higher level! Wish he could be in a few "adventure" higher quality Sidemen videos.

    39. Jordan Wolhuter

      11:59 KSI: I'm not 8th I'm blessed Meanwhile 7th is last because vikk and tobi are tied for second

    40. Crox Gaming

      14:32 When the editors think they blurred it but they forget that the word pops up next to their name on the left..

    41. tyler plaYzGAMES

      U guys should play pixalmon

    42. Shaun

      Blurs the guesses but doesn't blur them on the left hand side😂😂

    43. DJ Polish Heavy

      'Blur that word' Next shot Not blurred Word bitco*n smh

    44. Nicolas chramiec

      go to 6.35 what the i am nine i have to stop watching

    45. Charles Walder

      Sad thing tho JJ was right 11:50

    46. Antrikos

      15:19 thank me later boys

    47. Ronea

      29:18 harry 200 iq

    48. B

      when you can still see harry’s word that they tried blurring out

    49. Anti -Social

      When harold and Ethan said bitc**n, we still saw the word they put, but on the left side of the screen..Editor....... ○^○ *COUGH* oop rona

    50. Armin Falahati

      15:20 nice

    51. MSZ

      JME needs to lower his screens lol

    52. Fried Tofu

      Am I the only one who thought the word was Logan Paul from the thumbnail

    53. Beast Mode

      26:55 that scream brought back the old KSI days vibes

    54. Jordan Aslam

      14:57 scooby doo joins the call

    55. Mateusz Matej

      You guys should make more of these with a random category generator

    56. X_Angel

      Did Ethan just say the n word? 25:13

      1. X_Angel

        @SHUBHAM PATIL owh, my bad for having a dirty mind I guess


        He said there you go.

    57. DuhhN01yn

      Today is the 3rd year of MoreSidemen

    58. Balmy

    59. Michael Hardin

      They should play Uno. Just imagine. JJ,Vik,Josh and Harry all playing would be funny asf

    60. Alfie Fry

      JME IS A LEGENG !!

    61. tyshaun bush

      The wandering porter proximately grate because africa posteriorly belong given a stupendous drama. salty, third cooking

    62. grace tb

      bring back mc vidsssss

    63. bloodmonkey

      its kind of mad that JME is like 10 years older than some of the sidemen but looks the same age as them

    64. BarryTheBroom

      How have they no done with a pro artist

    65. trixer

      lmao at 15:20 look at harry's words

    66. Manu O

      "The new KSI is more mature"

    67. Manu O

      who else thinks the sidemen should play r6 again, they probably all havent played it in 3 years

    68. SandstormWasTaken

      nightclub is mad talented

    69. Aditya Pathak

      Pidblug ALWAYS gets me cracking

    70. Ghoulze ツ


    71. Attila Mihály

      Until now I liked Ethan. But now I’ve seen that he is a racist. When he draw the 🇷🇴 (also backwards) and putting the words “stay home” on the flag. You should be ashamed Ethan. You have motivational videos and should lead an example, but this is just bullshit

      1. Joseph Riley

        It's a bit of fucking entertainment calm down.

      2. MSZ

        Mate are you joking 😂The thing that boris johnson stands behind is yellow, blue, and red and it says stay home on it

    72. Schyb

      15:21 u can see what harry wrote btw ahaha

    73. GhostDragon

      KW130 - Twitch

    74. Enjoy A Coke

      Never understood the bluring out

    75. Vitanimat0r

      JME needs to join sdmn

    76. The Catan Capitalist

      ah, the famous painter, vik van gogh

    77. Yamen Khalil

      Two days without an upload! Me sad

    78. JamJamPlayzz

      15:19 if you wanna see Harry being racist xD

    79. Andreas Panayiotou

      Make sidemen taking an iq test

    80. Lasha Lobjanidze

      Fuck 680 people how dislike this VIDEO🔨🧠🔨🧠🔨🧠🔨🧠🔨🧠🔨🧠🔨🌚

    81. MaggyTheKarry


    82. aiden mcemerson

      Mate I was doing a poo when it was the poop word

    83. Ismail Malik

      'Blur my word Blur my word' Shows under ethans camera

    84. Kieren Davies

      What was word that was blurred

    85. Sweep OG

      15:19 harry's word

    86. TheDynamiteGuy

      15:19 text isn’t blurred

    87. ريكس Rex

      26:54 Editors won't save our ears anymore 😞😞💔💔

    88. joudo25

      21:35 why is jj laughing like pennywise

    89. Haydos 1401

      22:14 I seriously though it was a jj’s wird going to be like zzzzz

    90. Dylan Print

      No one going to notice what Harry put at 15:25 😂

    91. Akhil Datta 10TH ,C

      hey sidemen's pls play Minecraft in next episod

    92. Russell T.

      This shit literally lmao

    93. Sam Dollson

      wtf harry and ethan. Why? Please dont use words that you dont know the consequences off. They were intended to be "funny" derogatory terms. And by using it (you may not have the improper intentions) but it succeeds the previous generations' intentions.

      1. MSZ

        @Sam Dollson I said stop complaining over every little thing. Nobody cares if they typed something out

      2. Sam Dollson

        @MSZ It is fine if you dont agree with me, but I would like to know what part of my comment you disagree with.

      3. MSZ

        Stop crying and move on

    94. Hafiz Zahid

      Which one is jme username dayum

    95. Derp

      Among us is trending why tf are y’all playing anything but that

    96. Sal On everything

      First one is ozzy Osbourne

    97. The Techbullet

      Yo did Ethan say the n-word at 25:15?

      1. The Techbullet

        @MSZ ohhhh ok 😅

      2. MSZ

        he said there you go

    98. Daniel Cullen

      11:57 sorry 😂😂 JJ I’m not 8th haha he was last there was a tie in second 😂😂

    99. Mikhail Jensen

      Vick with the roasts