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    1. Jake West

      JJ not playing on ball cam stresses me out

    2. Rufus Poole

      These guys are diamond 😂

    3. Amari Adams


    4. Nicholas Martinez

      Its is not supposed to be that low gravity ifs supposed to be normal bht banger vid

    5. Mission J


    6. Caderrs


    7. Ciaran's Cars & Bikes

      EST.2016 and they're this bad, howww? At least they're playing it still though 😂🐐

    8. e-w-a-n m-s

      Is Ethan using alpha boost

    9. Sugi Logan

      17:59 you still doing rocket league

    10. stubbyonethumb you should just pop two tea bags in

      This is not rocket league . . . This is weeaak

    11. Kareem Hawaly


    12. Víctor Plaza Ruiz

      why are they playing with 3x boost lmao

    13. SW4Y CLAN

      Not ment to be low gravity

    14. LifeOFaBOY221 RandomKID221

      I love how the sidemen don't play well but make it a fun experience

    15. Henry Edwards

      JJ drives like he’s actually on the road😭doin 3 point turns n shit🤣

    16. Annacey Hay

      19:15 wait JJ just had ball cam on OMG

    17. Tejalkera_Msp love

      I wanna play hide and seek

    18. Jared Hatt

      Does it upset anyone else to see JJ not have ball cam on?

    19. Callum

      everyone is so bad 🤣

    20. unFazed CC

      can someone please explain to JJ to fix his camera’s setting on the balls !!!!!!

    21. M5_ SHEEP

      sadly the one game i cant stand watching the sidemen play

    22. Michael Neish

      Jj needs to press y lol

    23. Arrin Arron

      Someone tell jj that ball cam is a thing

    24. RipForSpike

      Can yall pls play phasmophobia love to see that!!

    25. Swivel YT

      i could clap you all 7 v 1 ill even carry KSI

    26. GucisAL pro

      9:54 look at the ball speed

    27. salvagegod yessir

      can someone tell jj to fix his settings

    28. Vollan Vaz

      When Ethan Raged It Was Hilarious I Was LMFAO

    29. Mohd Naveed

      Can someone teach jj to change cam

    30. Cameron Magson

      behz is so over rated

    31. Simple Health

      someone 1v1 me in rust!

    32. Dumpster FN

      Is Tobi using a hotshot 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    33. Usman Qaisar

      Heyy do you sidemen wanna get to a higher rank:?if yeah. just reply back plz

    34. Im Hassan

      Please tell them what ball cam is

    35. Hokage SHS

      can yall fix JJ's fov it's annoying lol

    36. James Sali

      I switched my controls to square Is boost, L1 is power slide/air roll and the scoreboard to R1 and it helps so much for ariels

    37. Jaylen Schofield

      I miss heatseeker

    38. Ezpzii

      Who wanna see 'the sidemen vs musty' ????

    39. Bigbigbigbigbigbigbigbiglightningultraman69

      what is the outro song i neeeeeed to know

    40. PresumedAphid 73

      We need sidecraft season 2

    41. Andy Thomas


    42. Andy Thomas


    43. Zeshan Hussain

      why is harry never in the vids?

    44. Gaming Is Fun


    45. Jerimiah Henley

      Please accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior before it’s too late. He loves you, died for you, and doesn’t want you to perish. 5 steps to salvation by bible flock box: hufast.info/plan/vide/mG3Ho51-y3aYk6c Stay blessed Stay Safe

    46. JMF7 TV

      Just me that tho is Tobi is acc good at rl

    47. Jack Yelle

      Someone tell jj to change to ball cam

    48. Charlie Yeo

      Not sure if you guys have thought of playing risk of rain 2? Quality game for up to 4 players but well worth the time to play, honestly would recommend playing

    49. anthony johnson

      there so dog there reactions make it decent lmao

    50. Davidson Lewis

      Vick does fucking sicken me just because Ethan Wi-Fi bad he about Ethan in him I’m going against games he team

    51. Virus Man

      They should play against a pro

    52. Carlos José

      You will get 15 mil in a week

    53. Carlos José

      Sidemen play fortnite for the kids

    54. Carlos José

      Yo play fortnite

    55. Henry Yard

      Are we not gonna talk about the fact that Tobi is using the Hotshot

    56. Lyberofski

      The best rocket league video ever

    57. Peter Nichols

      Josh vs. Simon, Tobi, and Vik

    58. Jude K

      Ngl the sidemen are kinda shit at rl

    59. raed jai

      Any okhalid fan here?

    60. Bairdicus


    61. DOGGO

      did nobody see harry message are you still doing the rocket league ti simon

    62. Dylan Velu

      Does JJ know about ballcam? hahaha

    63. Uzi

      Who else thinks Josh isn't funny?

    64. Quaver Point plays

      When Ethan said he was lagging out you can hear him button smash the controller lmfao

    65. Baile6y

      Someone tell JJ triangle fixes his camera on the fucking ball

    66. JellyBOB

      I felt the same as them when I first tried driving irl I was going so slow then my sister takes the wheel going 75 and I thought I was bout to die

    67. Lloyd Frayne

      18:35 ethan turning into dt

    68. Lloyd Frayne

      17:55 im creasing. Harry in the top corner saying "u doing playing rocket league"🤣. Shows he wasnt really anywhere to not be able to play it - and he probably just didnt play out of choice...the way he messagee them just makes him seem like hes waiting lmao🤣. Plus "doing" instead of playing..sounds like he simply cba to even word things right

    69. Lloyd Frayne

      Ethan: complains in the 1st game that hes "not gaming" Also ethan: complains in the 2nd game that the "ball feels like a rock"

      1. JIMHAZ

        That’s not the normal ball weight so it feels likes a rock

    70. Lloyd Frayne

      No one: Ethan: guys im not gaming

    71. Preston Monthe

      JJ gets so hyped and when he laughs he make me laugh lol🤣🤣😂😂

    72. SageNaruto_T 7

      Do you guys ever play competitive because you should

    73. Arian A

      I like how their teams called skets😂😂

    74. Nevaeh Galea

      Do a minecraft series in lockdown

    75. Oneplus3

      18:36 I am dying

    76. Fahd Elgohary

      4:04 wtf is jj doing 😂😂😂😂

    77. Kayode Oyelayo

      Josh breathes: Ethan: That’s amazing

    78. Nathan DeFries

      JJ has finally learned what boost is road to gc sidemen?

    79. Blair Ogden

      Sideman are the best

    80. xxDemon_48

      So technically a shot is a save aswell😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    81. Naiyan Kabir

      JJ is best 🤣😂😂🤣🤣😅

    82. Ishy Ali

      The video we need to see: Harry vs JJ 1v1 private match like if you agree 👇🏽

    83. Luke Menge

      Has any sideman ever drifted??

    84. Luke Menge

      This is painful to watch🥴

    85. ixYousef

      where the fuck is harold

    86. عارف العنزي

      JJ Please press triangle

    87. Harsh Sharma

      the sidemen should play rocket league with a pro or gc like musty or sunless khan, would be great content

    88. zain hussain



      Bro if KSI doesn't click Y by the next vid. I'm going to lose it.🤣🤣🤣

    90. Ashraf Ahmed

      Jj needs to practice

    91. Tristan Gentles

      Where is Harry

    92. Darvin Jamal

      What was the fist mode that they were playing?

      1. MSZ

        first word of the title

    93. IA PLAYZ

      That’s not normal gravity settings wrong

    94. Its Skizzy

      Day 1 of telling jj to change his camera settings

    95. Youtube Wrath

      Im getting 2017 jj vibes

    96. joe victor

      JJ not being on ball cam really triggers, he'd hit the ball better if he had ball cam on

    97. Dethy

      Theyve been getting better i see somehow

    98. Luke Whittington

      Petition for faze clan vs sidemen in rocket league

    99. D1doscar

      No way Ethan is plat

    100. Jaden Terry

      they're boost settings are way too high