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    1. Sarah0000Sarah

      Camels have nothing to do with India. Harry is so stupid and insensitive.

    2. Extreme

      Who tf is Schmitty ?

      1. Donuts4Lyfe

        Schmitty is a bot and because theres uneven numbers the game pins one of them with a bot

    3. Pumpkin Man

      3:52 Bhez: "how's it not a quiplash" also bhez *votes the other answer to prevent the quiplash

    4. FoolTV

      its criminal that harry doesnt win every single one of these, he's deadass the funniest every time but they dont vote for him to save face

      1. cheesestring

        @Sarah0000Sarah your humour is just trash

      2. Sarah0000Sarah

        @cheesestring No, actually. Grow up.

      3. cheesestring

        @Sarah0000Sarah it can be

      4. Sarah0000Sarah

        Being racist isn't funny.

    5. Ben

      Y'all: "Josh isn't funny" Josh: *wins half of the Quiplash videos*

      1. Andres Pineda

        Bro who says josh isnt funny? Youre just making shit up

    6. Chrome_NovaYT

      4:12 anyone know from which video?

    7. Yasmin x

      7:52 should have said 'neverest'

    8. KM Content

      Bruv already 8 secs in I’m dying. Love The Sidmen.

    9. Fdasvbf Wqqsd

      The sweetmen

    10. Rose T

      These quiplash videos actually show who the funny sidemen are 😂

    11. TR3YVI0N10

      Aye big up Tobi with the Naruto reference for his name. I see you my guy

    12. Scrawl

      9:04 as a german person whose best friend is polish, im unsubscribing from both Ethan and Harry

      1. Veersingh Matharu Veersingh Matharu

        You do realize they're not being serious right?

    13. Official Da Mad Man Channel

      The highlight of the vid 5:49

    14. Riley McNair

      I have a banger for the very first one. My answer would be really love 20

    15. Lloyd Frayne

      6:25 harry im pissin myself🤣🤣. When he said that youd have thought it would at least been the other one

    16. Lloyd Frayne

      everytime harry brings up a name i dont know like at 4:42 its always someone controversial. Lucky for him every time he says these criminals the sdmn know them too so they understand the humour. I have to type it in every time he says someone like that

    17. Sweetical


    18. CryDoll Games


    19. Marty Jackson

      “I thought you were a therapist not the rapist” - where did the ‘the’ come from Harry? Expecting a rapist? 🧐

    20. Marty Jackson

      You think you’ve found a comfortable volume to watch the video at, then KSI goes and laughs

    21. Ochinsang Kichu

      JJ: "Let me do it! Hey guys we're playing quicklas...." 💀

    22. zayd khan

      Yeessirrrr tobirama tobi a real g

    23. Gaming Gamer X

      Will Ksi comment in this video:hufast.info/plan/vide/mo21rclsyIiZeHk

    24. Jake Flosi

      You guys need to play talking points, it’s another jackbox game that is absolutely hilarious

    25. Raihan Hussain

      Vik is just that annoying Asian kid in every year who tries to hang around with the cool kids, hes dead, his banters dead, his outfits dead, his accents dead and hes dead annoying, hope I've got the name right...

    26. Joe_EG.8734z

      why are they so sensitive/snowflakes nowadays tf has happened to them.

    27. Hello

      Josh knowing his mom's sexual preferences. Everyone else wondering how he knows. Me with my hispanic mother knowing damn well what would happen if I ask her sexual preferences.

    28. Alex Horn

      Jesus Christ KSI just isn't funny 😂 I'm sorry its true

      1. Alex Horn

        @Arion infinite Is "snowflake" the only thing you can think of here? Is that like your one-size-fits-all insult when you're trying to look cool on a comment thread? Kinda cringe.

      2. Arion infinite

        @Alex Horn cringy af snowflake

      3. Alex Horn

        @Arion infinite Yeah, I pretty much expecting a "woah you typed a lot haha" kinda comment. Kinda whack tbh.

      4. Arion infinite

        @Alex Horn nice essay tho

      5. Alex Horn

        @Arion infinite No you didn't ask, tbh I wouldn't have even guessed that you existed if you hadn't gotten all offended on behalf of a comment made to someone else. So to clarify, for your tiny smooth brain, nobody was talking to you. Therefore, nobody cares if you asked or not. Am I getting through to you?

    29. wesou14

      Tobi with that naruto vibez

    30. Tanyaa Brita

      Ethan and Toby’s little back and fourth is cute

    31. Muhamad Luqmaan

      Nah that forced sex joke, that was just too much, happened to someone I know at a sleepover

      1. Arion infinite

        @Muhamad Luqmaan ok snowflake

      2. Muhamad Luqmaan

        @Arion infinite No, but that's messed up

      3. Arion infinite

        did i ask?

    32. Nathan Lhoni

      These man have absolutely no filter whatsoever omds man said it's a game I can vote I can looooool. Josh would defo watch his parents jeet rather than join them how tf does he know that's what his marj gets up to I'm dead.

    33. LFlaco8

      😂😂😭 episode was maaaaaad! Respect for the boys especially Ksi for not trying to cater to the politically correct non sense

    34. marc in grey

      6:17 i spit my orange juice out my mouth

    35. I Will Defeat Ray Mak

      Can Someone Help Me Defeat Ray Mak ?

    36. TheGermanBoy


    37. Fap Tributes HD

      0:30 jj; 'have i ever been on it tbh' josh:'yeah sometimes' :)

    38. Brend Kouijzer

      Stephen tries would be so good in this. Quiplash every round for him.

    39. Peter Jr

      I hope I’m not the only one who has noticed Tobi’s name on this is the second hokages name because I’m fairly certain he’s seen Naruto. Or I hope so 😂

    40. Brad Horn

      7:03 Am I missing something??

    41. xXZAMANXx 15

      I thought dream would be here

    42. Arsenal HK - arsenal news today

      We want a trivia video!!!!

    43. Orange Power

      Were is are annual moo off😂

    44. 有KABORA

      Sideman can you help this family they have raised 1.35m but they need 1.9 and they are running out of time .This their ig metehan_smajourny and tik tok metehan_smajourny .They need only £545.000 for the treatment of SMA1 and the treatment is called zolgensma

    45. R obbo

      Man you lot have got bare PC recently 😂🙄

    46. Jordyn Nexus

      Been watching the Dream SMP lot stream this the past couple weeks... they play it like old school sidemen used to 😂 the answers are either ship names or dick 😂

    47. Benjamin Conaghan

      You know a joke has gone too far when harry says it's too far


      Everyone in the comments think they can tell HUfastrs what to do 🤣🤣 big man, relax

    49. jsley

      Is it just me or is it amazing that Tobi is a weeb

    50. emmetthelegoman


    51. Ernest Mackoi

      Josh won... at what cost? HAHAHA

    52. av_shubh

      Why did JJ say this hufast.info/plan/vide/hoLRl6-skWS1gok 🤣🤣🤣

    53. Shabbir Basit

      Jj posted a video 6 months ago and has the same Tumbnile

    54. xI_MaziKeen_Ix

      Celestia Vega/ yuk Belle Delphine/ yuk

    55. IHopegood

      Can they stop stealing JJ’s thumbnails? I want new thumbnails!

    56. Spoodery

      Never stop these please 😭

    57. E Kennedy

      Can sense a lil bit of that OG SDMN dark humour👌🏾


      Play cards against humanity again plssss

    59. Funny clips

      Do a Minecraft series

    60. Cap’n Salt

      Wait was this recorded in the 26th when Arsenal beat our ass 3 nil and that's why JJ's wearing his Arsenal shit

    61. KF

      I can't believe you've done this

    62. IM_Maurice

      Harry goes so far he‘ll eventually circumnavigate JJ‘s forehead

    63. FatGuyFromMars

      An u dons play gta online again? Like races and shit???

    64. Alex Saint

      12:38 everyone else was playing checkers, while simultaneously in the 4th dimension Josh was playing Gungi


      hufast.info/plan/vide/gniwfNeHrHe5eX0 Rate this guy's channel.Bravel Stars funny moments!you won't regret it!

    66. ryan stuckey

      these videos aren't fun anymore everyone besides Harry and JJ are too scared to get cancelled I want to go back to the days of cards against humanity where there were no "I can't vote"

      1. Veersingh Matharu Veersingh Matharu

        @alyssa givens Not really

      2. alyssa givens

        then go watch those videos and quit complaining at the fact that they've matured

    67. Adam Mokdad

      The disagreeable flight ethnopharmacologically unlock because badge correlatively settle afore a jealous brown. sudden, afraid bathtub

    68. JJS Gaming

      How do you do the custom prompts?

    69. Julius Zondag

      Go on Big Josher!

    70. Chandler Brewer-Coyne

      Why play the game if you’re not gonna vote

    71. iZxlqe

      If your racist and you know it clap your hands 3:00

      1. iZxlqe

        @Veersingh Matharu Veersingh Matharu How do you not know the meme are you like under a rock

      2. Veersingh Matharu Veersingh Matharu

        How's that racist?

    72. sksk

      The sideman is just audience is now just a bunch of white right wing racist people I’m just over

      1. Veersingh Matharu Veersingh Matharu

        If all of them are were right wingers then all them would have gotten upset at JJ and tobi for supporting blm. Simply having adark sense of humor doesn't make you right wing.

    73. Aiman Syahir

      Tobi rlly put his name as tobirama cultured

    74. lordlinkthegreat

      Harry never disappoints LMAO 6:11

    75. Dr Angry

      Do a moresidemen skate park challenge or a moresidemen reacting to sidemen lookalikes

    76. Josfur Gaming

      9:07 Harry showing is true colours.....

      1. Veersingh Matharu Veersingh Matharu

        @Sarah0000Sarah Isn't dark humor supposed to be offensive?

      2. Sarah0000Sarah

        ​@Veersingh Matharu Veersingh Matharu There is a line between offensive humor and dark humor.

      3. Veersingh Matharu Veersingh Matharu

        Or maybe he is just in favor of dark humor.

    77. Accspect

      You lot should play jackbox, it would be so funny on god

    78. Miles Morales

      "Tobirama" 👀

    79. red reni

      to be fair tho...

    80. Jan Alleman

      I’m disliking Ethan more and more...

      1. Veersingh Matharu Veersingh Matharu

        @sksk There's nothing wrong with having offensive humor. Some the best comedians of all time have offensive humor.

      2. sksk

        Word I think I’m over the sideman it’s sad but I think my maturity is just too high for their content that’s why I think I prefer the beta squad now because they’re funny without offending people

    81. Fonzino

      Ordered gloves like a week ago for Christmas and the still haven't come

    82. Craig Duncan

      They already saying they have 5 mil subs on the subscribe pop up

    83. lemaxim

      Y'all need to play Champ'd Up

    84. Aare Luhaäär

      Wow, this video was great!

    85. Ali Adnaan Raza

      I remixed Champagne by KSI & Randolph - Would love to hear y'all thoughts! hufast.info/plan/vide/mpDbg7eEmpO4q5s

    86. Amir-Hamza

      3:03 the reason why the sidemen harsly have Asian mates. They make jokes like this.

      1. RetnizaLB

        *KSI CREATES BABY: **hufast.info/plan/vide/m4Omq8xop2nagnU*

    87. Samuel Ruiz

      Who else was confused on who big H was

      1. RetnizaLB

        *KSI CREATES BABY: **hufast.info/plan/vide/m4Omq8xop2nagnU*

    88. Seahawksfan420

      This is the funniest one yet

      1. RetnizaLB

        *KSI CREATES BABY: **hufast.info/plan/vide/m4Omq8xop2nagnU*

    89. Jack Dimambro

      Play some more jackbox games, champd up and blather round would be funny

    90. Crazecocob

      You guys need to try jack box at some point, it’s another party game but really fun and often gets out of hand


      is tobi's ingame name based on "TOBIRAMA" from "NARUTO"??

    92. DJ Hammer

      a joke about black people ethan : I simply can't vote a joke about auschwitz also ethan: I did vote

    93. :

      T o b e f a i r t h o

    94. David Hernández

      Give this a like if you want to see cards against humanity sidemen edition like the old days

      1. RetnizaLB

        *KSI CREATES BABY: **hufast.info/plan/vide/m4Omq8xop2nagnU*

    95. Eric Zhang

      finally get to know where ethans line comes from in blind dating 4

    96. Lewis Rose

      Stfu vik

    97. Sneaker Kicks

      The tricky fine paradoxically carry because sky conceivably mend for a knowledgeable boot. precious, flaky brochure

    98. Barbra Ebola

      Ksi: Who is Big H Me: Ha idiot Also me: There isn't a sidemen with an H

      1. RetnizaLB

        Yes, except for Hut hufast.info/plan/vide/m4Omq8xop2nagnU*

    99. Escanor

      Tobis name reminded me of the 2nd hokage