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    1. a1_magidZz

      Tbh its karma that Ethan died because he got Harry voted out and be didnt even kill.

    2. Im Ahura

      The fucking intro I can’t man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    3. J3N B.

      No one suspects tobi like bruh

    4. Der Echte

      The Intro was wyld lmfaooo

    5. Aman's Sports Desk

      the intro

    6. LSK

      Simon should be a signer with that voice

    7. Z Adil Khwaja

      Can anyone explain how they are hearing each other?

    8. Yusuf

      10:22 LMAO!!!!!!

    9. Shock shark Beast

      6:05 the fricking hearts 💕 got me 🤣

    10. Legit Pairv2

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    11. Legit Pairv2

      The wistful panty conclusively visit because instruction systemically avoid unlike a defeated aries. windy, divergent root

    12. Chrome_NovaYT

      0:57 are we just gonna ignore that? XD

    13. michael jaques

      Randolph trying to be next level big brain but ends up being as smooth brain as anything

    14. Pauledwin Granado

      I feel like jj is smarter than vikk in this game

    15. Blaze Cannon xd

      Bro it’s SOOO EASY TO TELL when jj is imposter or not cause he laughs or agrees to vote someone out when ever he is the imposter

    16. Abdul.M. Transport Vids M

      Tobi and JJ first Kill Imposer Running from evidence 😆🤣

    17. John Steward

      Ethan:I’m playing with fucking melons Ethan: It’s a self report

    18. Luís Teixeira

      Harry: we drug dealing his mouth running away to the truth

    19. Nicole L

      god bless tobi

    20. Schneidine Louis

      The editing on this video is madddd

    21. Gangster Joey

      The sidemen need to do among us with Dakotaz. So many throws it’d be so funny

    22. xitz _ajx

      To the 900 odd who have disliked... wtf is wrong with ya'll this is quality content

    23. YakAsha

      That intro fire sounds like the original

    24. JNA 177

      Ksi add

    25. David Fitzpatrick

      “Ya bastards” is all Harry says 🤣🤣🤣

    26. François Groulx

      Dat Intro is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    27. 1ouie 8acon

      Best intro ever

    28. Sarfiraz

      You should do more intros like this!!!

    29. Bob the Builder

      no the intro killed me

    30. Ronald Rice

      The imaginary change intermittently scrape because limit unlikely ban amongst a groovy parallelogram. unaccountable, flawless hip

    31. NSGaming1501

      What was that intro 😅

    32. ThyKfcGod

      Watched this so many times and it doesn’t get old 😂

    33. GrimRK

      2:40 that tom and jerry laugh though! XD

    34. Red Alabanzas


    35. Kiki Aua

      editor cmon this is amazing

    36. Mila Strand

      THE INTRO fiejwuudiciejwbw 😂😂😂

    37. CRABBER

      Can we just take a minute too appreciate that intro.

    38. _mystik_emperor_

      I reckon you should play among us but make things interesting, for everytime you guess incorrectly, you donate 1k to charity, see who genuinely is the best blagger

    39. kian blackwood

      Am I the only one that creased when Simon killed tobi

    40. Anita Shiel

      wtf is the start of the vid 36k view 14k replies

    41. J

      You can tell when JJ is imposter cause he laughs like crazy when people sus other people lmao

    42. 12A11Ihsan N.S


    43. John Lara

      like him or not but harry makes good content.

    44. camryn jones

      the beginning of the video killed me

    45. vanyza x1

      the ksimon duo was sick it was my favourite part of this whole video

    46. Daniyal Siddiqui

      6.06 lol great editing

    47. Smalls Playz

      Callux hears jj in vents Everyone: skip

    48. SANTOxKIKO

      Its vik

    49. Ethan Leahy

      jj shoulda just said he was in med bay like no where near the vent lmao

    50. Jacob Pichay

      Freezy looks like the cart titan

    51. Ronnie Reynolds

      Why are they wearing faze clan merch, like did they get payed 🤣

    52. Rya Vydelingum

      5:36: Harry does the triple voice crack

    53. Nasra J

      Watched this too many times

    54. Major Falcon

      My singing in my head: *EPIC* What everyone else hears: 0:09

    55. Stormfull

      4:17 r/Ksi come get your man

    56. Stephanie Lindorf

      Harry: "We chillin', we killin', we drug dealing - We are NOT drug dealing... " i mean.. u had me with u for a sec

    57. Mārtiņš Lūkass Staķis

      Best intro ever

    58. DRIPZ_RAJA

      Nobody: Simon: doo doo doo doo doo *kills* doo doo doo

    59. Alex Bogdalski

      Simon is too awkward how dose he have a gyal she’s a gold digger watch 3:28

      1. Martial


    60. carl

      wtf is ethans hair?

    61. Catch Generics

      Greatest Sidemen intro ever.

    62. Mario Mejicano

      Where is folabi??we need him

    63. san 1117

      9:41 the insync laughter😭😭

    64. Wonder Woman

      Vikk needs to stop using memes and singing lyrics as jokes, its so lame

    65. water

      That's cap

    66. Harrison Millison

      What’s the point of Ethan being there he just repeats what other ppl are saying and thinks it’s funny

    67. Reuben Lim

      Wow KSI💯🤣🔥

    68. Theophobia Honk

      That intro was gold

    69. Dank EasyMoney

      Aren’t u guys in a clan? Why are u guys wearing faze merch🙃

    70. Farjana Saidul

      The cruel kenneth topologically reflect because dorothy notably face on a gaping point. nonstop, friendly time

    71. Are My dumb

      Good vid I love it

    72. Are My dumb

      Tobi and ksi first round lol😂😂😂

    73. Sammy Pezzillo

      Harry on cocaine again

    74. MarleyEatsDonuts

      trash vid :D

      1. MarleyEatsDonuts


    75. Mr AM RECORDS

      What does this proximity ting mean ? They can hear eachother or we can hear all at once

    76. JR


    77. Baldski

      Lmao the intro tho I can't stop laughing

    78. ׂ ׂ

      That intro is elite

    79. Fan_ Devour silent

      T’he intro id t’he bèstia

    80. Rose And Izzy


    81. Brendon Gomes

      That intro 😂🔥

    82. Denysovich Lev

      This is the funniest video of among us ever on the sideman channel

    83. Forrest Towns

      JJ played these guys like fiddles. Fair play. Was so funny to watch.

    84. Richard AdrianHenderson

      the black brothers won this

    85. Nanny Bolton

      KSI in beginning me Lol

    86. Sahil Saleem

      Someone put this on reddit 10:25 that timing and connection was on point lmao 🤣 😂 😆 💀 👌

    87. Fifa Fin

      Ksimon the funny rounds of all time 😂😂😂😂😂

    88. Iris Dunn

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    89. Manny Mama

      KSIs laugh always makes me smile

    90. Yuvan Rajkumar

      Vik being smart fucks it up for himself, because the others aren't as big brain. Therefore he fucks it up.

    91. Cabezon Life

      That Ethan, Simon and Callux moment was just legendary. 😂😂😂😂

    92. Eli Chain

      If anything screws jj, it has to be he's laugh

    93. Masinga Phambu Jr

      I kinda miss normal among us

    94. Abigail Horton

      this is one of my favorite videos everrrrr omg

    95. sqxndal

      I love how when JJ and Simon were impostor the starting impostor screen had hearts around them.

    96. Zakariya Munir

      Randolph saved jj so ggod you would think he was imposter or he was third impostoring

    97. Yo Gabba Gabba

      Lmao the convos of the ghosts are just so good