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    1. Ahnaf Hariz

      I don't like Tommy he doesn't have manner and respect to older people

      1. Alex Thomas


    2. LordMostern

      Yay Tommy

    3. Gabriel Flay

      Smp over sidemen

    4. extravirginnoob

      this video is hilarious being a sidemen and tomminnit fan

    5. Carly Burnham

      tommy gets along SO well with this group of people. it makes me so happy

    6. Crewmate

      I just don’t want to play this game because I can’t play it again and I can’t play it again and I can’t play it

    7. kelly kelly

      Imagine a millionaire boxer rapper getting bullied by a 16 year old who plays minecraft with a but chin

      1. Sage Skye


      2. keirawastaken

        tommy’s also a millionaire btw lol

    8. Cheryl Wong

      tommy or ksi?? if Ksi, like the comment cuz i am ksi's fan lol #GETTOMMYOUTTAHERE or #FUDGEOUTTOMMY

      1. Sage Skye

        I like both, no like for yoy

      2. Pizzaroll Pete

        I like both, but I won't give a like.

    9. •TJRH fan•

      When tommy said he'll beat up JJ I easily didn't believe that shit

      1. •TJRH fan•

        Y'all are butthurt I know it's a fuckin joke

      2. Potato King

        Bruh, it’s obviously a joke

      3. keirawastaken

        it was clearly a joke 😭

    10. isla blue


    11. YaBoiUrle


    12. Mr Commentator

      I can see why Tommy gained 7mill subs in less than a year 😂👌guys a natural

    13. Minatoッ

      Tubo : I think it's vikstar Tubo: accuses Wilbur instead

    14. JOe Alexander

      Where is the philza Minecraft arguement

    15. yoyo frojo

      when is it coming out because mommyinnit would slap

    16. Saahil Rachh

      5:38 Did anyone notice the photo in the wallet?

    17. Vithushan Jeyanthan

      Bruh on 2x this to funny

    18. Zakaria El Moumene

      wilbur : ooooh my fucking god

    19. Willi


    20. David Sanchez

      tommy blames his mistake to ksi and calls him an idiot Me: :/ first of all why are you calling ksi an idiot when you actually killed him and second of all youre kinda the idiot because you just immidently report like bruh (i still like both ksi and tommy but i mean this in a nice way and ksi isnt an idiot)

      1. Potato King

        It was clearly a joke lmao

      2. Pizzaroll Pete

        Grow a sense of humor for Christ sake.

      3. Mr Selfridge

        he was joking lmao

    21. Identify0

      Toblenit 😂

    22. Lia Sophia

      Tommy: you kicked Me! Me: How did Techno Kick Tommy? He isn't in the game. Technoblade: Drop kicked that baby in self defence!

    23. Not copying Videos

      Best part of the video 16:32

    24. Sofia R

      22:18 😂😂😂

    25. Faisal Ebar

      Tommy chillax

    26. smiddyboy 321

      Tubbo... Damn

    27. basically Ruby

      i love the way none of the sidemen know what he means by canon😭maybe vikk but the rest clueless

    28. Reptiles _ Gacha

      Wilbur, you are so correct. Us minecrafters NEVER forget.

    29. beast

      Jesus christ Tommy is so fucking annoying

      1. Potato King

        he was just making jokes

      2. Mr Selfridge

        @cutethe alpha yup

      3. cutethe alpha

        he's cut out to look annoying. If you watch his videos, it's clear he isn't.

    30. Vincent Herrera

      Tommy is the KSI reddit

    31. Lucas ITFC

      I love how many people don't realise Tommy being obnoxious and annoying is literally his character. And plus the editor made him look way more annoying than normal

      1. keirawastaken

        yeah exactly

    32. Emma Johnson

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    33. Alicia Batten


    34. Mohammed Shafwan AHMED

      Rangers fans and furious with games

      1. hen ko

        4:34 Too far!!!🤣🤣🤣

      1. hen ko

        CAPTAIN AMERICA 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    35. Jeffy

      That tommy guy with a butt chin

      1. Jeffy

        @keirawastaken no one asked

      2. keirawastaken

        that tommy guy w a butt chin that’s a millionaire at 16 and is more successful then you’ll ever be 😐

    36. Olajoke Aro

      I feel like the editor wasnt being mean just preparing sidmen viewers for some random shit Context: im here from Tommy yes Tommy is a bit of an annoying person sometimes but in this video the editor made it way out of context bc they only put the annoying and obnoxious parts and none of the calm parts of the stream which they may have done an accident but i do think they should make this clear

    37. Benz Biasong

      OuuOOhh mY FuCking GOdDDdDD

    38. Sebastian Young

      This video is just more proof that tommy is the best.

    39. DustYi


    40. dartero

      o7 to the minecrafters getting bullied in chat

    41. Ck C

      I wanna box tommy, I’m 16 and ready for a boxing match

      1. Newton John Gallano

        @L3wisGG also he has a ranged weapon the vlog gun

      2. L3wisGG

        he will shank you up with the vlog knife

      3. Newton John Gallano

        He Has A Sword

    42. Jem Cal

      Harry finally understanding the game makes me feel joy

    43. Levi Ackerman

      RIP toblenit

    44. Kay Wiltshire

      6:25 made me laugh more than it should've

    45. Eloise Dimaculangan

      for people who have no idea who Tommyinnit is, they hate this video and finds him very very Annoying. but to the people who watches Tommy thinks this video is absolutely funny lmao

    46. Help Me

      people really be on the sidemen channel complaining about tommy’s humor being loud=funny

    47. Sam Burns

      Tbf props to Tommy, I’m guessing getting invited to play with the sideman and he is seen as the protagonist in the video, his confidence all time high

    48. Wire edit Guy

      CAPTAIN AMERICA 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    49. Harshith Thakur

      4:34 Too far!!!🤣🤣🤣

    50. lizzie ꨄx

      If you don’t like Tommy/Tubbo/Wilbur, Then don’t watch the video???

    51. Vlogger Khan


    52. Kai Shipman

      Tommy is so annoying

      1. keirawastaken

        if u watch the vod you’ll see tommy was cut to be annoying, and it’s an online persona

      2. Levi Ackerman

        Ah I found one

      3. Kailyn Kim


      4. ZXC

        Your one of those kids lol

    53. Za Eni

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    54. purge


      1. ZXC

        he's too young soooooooooooooooooooo

    55. Ipzee

      This comment section is literally a warzone between Minecraft and Sidemen fans lmaoo. The MC fans quote Tommy's intro and then the Sidemen fans call them kids lol

      1. Argyn Myssanov

        So true

    56. Cass xx

      all the fucking die hard sidemen fans getting mad at the character tommy plays in this comment section is hilarious to me lmao.

    57. Varsha Jagadeesh

      i just noticed tubbo wearing the shitpost dream smp merch- REPRESENT

    58. Skyler Simz

      Tubbos IQ really shined in this video

    59. Minatoッ

      I think Tommy should be apart of the sidemen

    60. Minatoッ

      Ngl I wish this was made on the 19th which was my birthday

    61. TJDN

      Big Bezha That was disgustang

    62. Joe


      1. JAKE FD123

        Bro did you watch the rest of the video or are you just Stoopid

    63. Saiyan

      Lol tommy is like JJ annoying litter brother

    64. Jtizz

      never play with these again i beg

      1. Melissa

        Why? To make u happy? Of course my king

      2. Jtizz

        @Rohan Kishibe what msg did i delete my g

      3. Rohan Kishibe

        @Jtizz imagine being such a pissy that you cry and then delete your message hahaahha

      4. JAKE FD123

        @Jtizz sarcasm you idiot, I don't even live in america

      5. JAKE FD123

        @Jtizz are you dumb

    65. Colin Judson

      Everyone: saying how much the comments r saying that tommy is annoying Me: cant find a single comment that says he's annoying

      1. Paul Gonzalez

        Just search by recent and they’re everywhere

    66. clcuds

      tommy innit is soo annoying1!!11!! 😠🤬🤬😡😡💩💩💩

      1. clcuds

        @Neon Boi its a joke PLS 😭🖐️

      2. Neon Boi

        You looks like a kid

    67. ragu kana

      Literally two comedy kings battling

    68. Blessing D

      I have never seen such a dumb snitch ever in my life...that was so annoying

    69. paige

      the way none of u get that they are literally joking.

    70. Flame on Deck

      These kids suck. I'm seeing all the "ppl prob watch this video and think these kids suck but..." But nah they suck

      1. JAKE FD123

        @Flame on Deck you do realize he's putting on an act for the video

      2. Flame on Deck

        @JAKE FD123 after rewatching only Tommy really sucks. He's just annoying

      3. JAKE FD123

        Ok do you're one of "them" kids, I understand

    71. audio

      “Vote him now sidemen”😂😂😂

    72. Mallory McGee


    73. Broccoflower Baseball

      Watch out, it’s a war zone, you may take cover here

    74. Filip Niewiadomski

      Everybody playing the game. Wilber using that voice changer in every among us video.

    75. MarvTooCozy -

      Have You gone uckers😂😂

    76. NightcoreLucky

      Btuh tommy and ksi are jokes gotta love them both haha

    77. Seriously Real

      This just shows how loud british people are

    78. champagneLaki

      Tommy aint funny.

      1. cutethe alpha

        neither are you.

      2. Neon Boi

        Your joke is also not funny

    79. Zac Cook

      This is the funniest shit hahahah love their banter

    80. Thomas Booker

      Jj drop a diss track on Tommy

    81. Simon Kullberg

      Ethan: On the right hand side, the three big brains. Me, Harry and KSI

    82. Marley Gamez

      Love how tubbo says it could 100%wilbur and then he says Viks about to kill me lol

    83. Death Reaper

      Tommy is so annoying

      1. Big Baby Buda

        Tommy is good

      2. Flarea Ghast

        @Olivia H AGREED

      3. Olivia H

        Ur annoying

    84. AP 19

      I don’t like Tommy

      1. Big Baby Buda

        Tommy is good

      2. Prusso

        @Olivia H stop going through every comment that doesnt like tommy and says it politely and saying that either tommy doesnt like them or tommy find them annoying

      3. Flarea Ghast

        @Olivia H agreed

      4. Olivia H

        Tommy doesn’t like you

    85. Iced Toast

      This comment section is an absolute war zone

    86. Bruno Jirgensons

      Tommy dosent know how to pay

      1. Flarea Ghast

        @Olivia H OHHHHHH

      2. maya


      3. H E P

        Trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee go to school big man -Tubbo

      4. Olivia H

        and you don’t know how to spell

    87. Atraiu Sinha


    88. NimBit

      guys whats the song that tommy is playing when he killed vik at the begining

    89. Cassie

      Tommy has played on the dream smp so much that everything seems “CANON” to him...

    90. Gromy

      So you're telling me you just watched tommy's stream, wanted to see hate comments searched up "sidemen tommy" then found none.

      1. ella mansfield

        WAIT YES WTF

      2. typxcal

        i've been lurking the comments before tommy brought them up on stream and i have seen a lot of them. you have to go to "newest first" and scroll through the ones that are 1+ day old.

      3. maya


      4. saphira brown

        Omg are you watching me?

    91. YB. Antz

      Tommy talks too much

      1. Iced Toast

        I think that’s generally just because of the editing. The video is revolving about tommyinnit so of course it shows lots of clips of him talking. Plus this recording was live on twitch. And as a twitch streamer you need to well, talk a lot to keep the audience interested and can’t just sit there in silence

    92. ben reynolds

      Tommy isn’t funny and yes I’ve watched the stream

      1. Big Baby Buda

        @ben reynolds shush

      2. Flarea Ghast

        I'm dying of toxicity D:

      3. ben reynolds

        @Capybara Chan he’s a child that throws insults at people randomly it wasn’t even that funny like I just wanted him to stfu

      4. Capybara Chan

        tommy isn’t not funny he just has a bad sense of humor i’m a fan of tommy but i don’t find him funny cause i’ve been in technoblades chat so much that everything i say is sarcastic and i would bully him for no reason

    93. Anaseini Tawake

      To be honest i really hate tommy

      1. cutethe alpha

        there's no reason to spread hate. keep it to yourself.

      2. Jared

        @Kneh gar that's ok! Atleast you tried! Nothing wrong with not liking someone's content

      3. Kneh gar

        @Jared i saw that so i decided to watch like 10 of his vids. And now i find him way more annoying

      4. Jared

        I'm sorry guys I have to.. "Most people find me annoying at first BUT by the end of the video if you no longer find me annoying please consider hitting the subscribe button I would *really* appreciate it"

      5. Cassie

        Next time it is KSI vs TOMMYINNIT instead KSI vs Logan Paul

    94. Magic Skillz

      The obnoxious crayfish consequentially milk because song surprisingly license like a orange ketchup. guiltless, stingy ice

    95. Leo Parsons


    96. Alex Murrell

      Ngl I don’t like Tommy init he’s so annoying

      1. mads green

        when u watch more of him hes not annoying. the editor made him look hella annnoyinf in this

    97. Marija

      they really did tommy dirty with that editing lmao

    98. Katiethehuman 12

      Jus watched Tommy’s stream and he has been cut too sound obnoxious and annoying don’t judge him lol

      1. Paddy Muldoon

        @Amy Aldred are you stupid it’s obvious I meant the people who hate on Tommy.

      2. Katiethehuman 12

        Austin Orr I meant in this video in his stream he said that the editor cut him so he sounded like that I was tired when I wrote this lol

      3. Austin Orr

        That’s what he himself does so it’s fair

      4. Amy Aldred

        @Paddy Muldoon are you saying that tommy is a ROADMAN who stands outside tesco’s vaping HAHAH thats jokes

      5. Paddy Muldoon

        It’s all the like 14/15 year olds that think they are hard because they vape outside Tesco’s

    99. foot lettice

      guy stop dissing tommy he is cut in the vid to look like he is annoying

      1. foot lettice

        @a mouse on the internet yeah I just wanted to clear out that the editor might not like Tommy even if he does there was no reason for them to make him seem so mean or annoying and like Tommy said so many people watch the sidemen its like public discrimination

      2. a mouse on the internet

        Yea there is a guy in the comments just shitting on Tommy for no reason the sidemen cut the vid to make him more annoying. Tommy addressed it in his livestream

      3. Føxeye27 27