MISTAKES WERE MADE! (Sidemen FIFA 21 Pro Clubs)


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    1. G2

      Is vikk deaf, there are bare man saying tap circle and he held crown circle 😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    2. Jackson

      i love how positive Harry is, really should bring the crew together more LMAO

    3. Teutonic Theory

      7:10 give me name of the song plz

    4. Hugo Hardy

      11:24 the best moment of the sidemen pro clubs

    5. Lauchlin Cridland

      Fuck me they are so shit why do they play🤣

    6. Tatti

      Why does JJ kinda sound like he's f***** up the whole video

      1. Tatti

        off the molly

    7. sah YTB

      gk 92 psn : lil-latum

    8. WarChrusher

      Music at 3:08 pls

    9. ZAC ELDER

      Anyone notice how vikk pulls of all the defence so he can blame the goals on callux😂😂😂

    10. James Hunter

      Vik: gets 30 kills on WZ like it’s nothing Also Vik: Struggles to know how to tap circle

    11. Charlie Holden

      how does vik pee role his shots in open play but skies a pen

    12. Anna Pham

      The oafish double pharmacologically include because football histopathologically continue beneath a near belief. vulgar, hesitant clerk

    13. XFT1000 KMS

      Hands down their funniest series

    14. PlanB9712

      24:01 song? Shazam is dogdick

    15. Dillonsha 224

      Song at 7:15?

    16. Silas Bøgelund

      Go to 9:38 close your eyes and enjoy the sound

    17. Christian Perez

      No more vik any

    18. cupid

      The cheap tornado aerobically meddle because shell additonally own besides a fanatical mattock. black-and-white, weary club

    19. gay asf


    20. Max Hankinson

      What's the song at 7:10?

    21. AIDEN M

      josh sounds like mr bean😂😂love it

    22. Anna Pham

      The plain interviewer preliminarily rhyme because olive complementarily rescue in a low rock. lean, tense priest

    23. a__m

      i only watch these to see harry’s player just drop

    24. Abdiaziz Abdinasir

      this ishmael guy literally demolished there defence 😹

    25. Nathanr016

      26:39 “Is for me?” 👉👈

    26. AdamJe29

      Harry is actually kinda dumb 😂😂😂

    27. Alex Yanez

      They mess around a whole first and and get mad when they lose in the 2nd half

    28. Joshuah Carvalho Dos Santos

      vik is trash

    29. What A shame

      You mean Barcelona...

    30. Shane O'Loughlin

      Next episode?

    31. J M

      song at 23:46?

    32. Nicholas Wielandt

      Editors why would you play hype music so much just for a piss poor failure of a shot attempt from the boys Im done watching this series

    33. Charlie Jennings

      Is it just me, or has anyone else gone back to watch the whole of fifa 20 series, as this one has lost all hope! 🤣🤣

    34. Brandon Farrington

      The dashing hallway periodically grip because lightning coherently suspend like a wasteful cheetah. selective, miscreant karate

    35. Kartik Maan

      Bring back clubs

    36. MORTZ Z

      What’s happened to this series

      1. Tas Bhu

        They just quit

    37. Tuncer mabudov

      Mr Editor can u put song names in too next time since they only score 10 goals maximum in a episode :D

    38. Brandon Farrington

      The pink act ganguly crawl because watchmaker phenomenologically watch excluding a cheap prose. cluttered, two invoice

    39. sejal rathod

      I am JJ UnsungGuitar

    40. Aiden Gilmour

      25:44 the voice crack 😂😂

    41. PresumedAphid 73

      9:58 look at their record

    42. lz Swiftzz


    43. NecatVlogz

      More pleaseeeeeee

    44. tacobellz50

      Vik, misses multiple open opportunities. Harry, has to try to stop multiple counters because Vik can't tap circle. Vik: "That's another mistake for Harry"

    45. Dom Carney Year U6

      Bring back KSI, AA9, Nep and freezy 😢

    46. Jian TUBE

      did anyone realize the last team they had a match with had indian gamer tags

    47. Nathan

      RIP pro clubs fifa 21

    48. Hugo Lavin

      Please bring this masterpiece back

    49. MiSTaKez

      We need more episodes

    50. Michael Anthony Gordon

      Me: yes they got one back Literally after that: vik own goal

    51. luwen hu

      The plant cocoa ordinarily attack because chicory compellingly disapprove but a victorious gosling. late, luxuriant copper

    52. oliver clausen

      How are they that bad? Entertaining though

    53. Randy Jones

      So like is there no more pro clubs

    54. Rodrigo Matela

      What is the background music at the beggining 0:06 ?

    55. Sayed Shah

      It’s like 21 sonic the hedgehogs on a pitch playing football, there feet move soo fast

    56. Taylor Sheehan

      Ethan was so shit in the second game he was meant to be CDM and he just wasn’t he more in their half then in his own half and also I think it was there 4th goal and he was not goal side of the man a complained about the right back and centre back not being there like at lest be goal side man mad ting he shit at Fifa and then blames it on the other. U bad at fifa Ethan

    57. Hamzah Haddad

      7:10 song?

    58. Hosen Sheriff

      Why did he you did that- KSI 2020

    59. F8tal_HJ Clipz

      Who comes here to Manely just listen to there conversations there so good 👇

    60. Jackson Porter

      They’re horrific at clubs

    61. Ryan Mallaghan

      I swear there’s more sweats in div 10 than div 1 😂

    62. Mikey TV

      The sidemen would lose to my boy's big Sam tactics

    63. Owen Mehr

      Viiiiiiik I don’t want to hate but wtf man. Terrible

    64. Owen Mehr

      Vik is so fucking bad man...

      1. Conor Higgins

        Because he never played fifa before

    65. Owen Mehr

      How is vik so severely incompetent at this game.

    66. Willi13

      Enemy: we must win Sidemen: make some mistake every single match

    67. Nick den Heyer

      Sadly the editor miscounted with the foult of jj, in the first half of the first match. It where 3 in stead of 2

    68. Sk1ll King

      hope to se more of these series

    69. Passion4Chelsea FC

      You have to aim the stick slightly taking pens or it blasts over

    70. Tacitgaming 07

      Sidemen pro clubs is the best

    71. 94JReedy

      Vik is so poor they win that game without him

    72. Tiffany Bbly

      Cyndi Lauper

    73. Steffan Mevel

      These guys are painfully bad at pro clubs

    74. 3 K

      Please, editors, stop with this dramatic music every 30 seconds

    75. Nathan Schnell

      You guys need to try out the no rules cup

    76. Badr Alshibly

      why isnt harry playing

    77. Cawk

      Vik is actually pissing me off

    78. Lukster_19 Haakansson

      Anyone knows the song from the first goal from KSI?

    79. Ver Cer

      You lot need me in your pro clubs team tbh

    80. Benedict Lwamba

      Man I wish I played against them lol

    81. DOORSBOI


    82. Mohamed Orayith

      It’s funny how they all start to try on 85th minute 🤣🤣😭😭

    83. Fariborz Irani

      You can tell Harry does drugs. Nobody who's sane and sober would be this calm when playing this bullshit game.

    84. Peyton Simmons

      What’s the song title at 7:11?

    85. N Bill

      Watching vikk play is painful it's like the kind of kids you get put in drop ins with

    86. Moogle

      pony tail boy had a glow up

    87. Dwight Wilson

      Vik is so stinky oml........

    88. Ryan Blues fan

      why does JJ’s pro look like Gervinho

    89. Lucygoescrazy

      idk with the farts

    90. Tstormer

      That goalie needs to be fired

    91. United Republic of Great Albania

      where did they get the intro tune?

    92. Savage Opress

      What did toby mean when he said to JJ saying "you wanna talk about families to me" ?

      1. Savage Opress

        @The 6ix saying "its not that important to me" is a complicated reason to you .....🤦🏾‍♂️ lool ok buddy you sure showed me 😥😂.

      2. The 6ix

        @Savage Opress ngl i would’ve told u if it wasn’t a whole complicated ass story lmao u should search it on HUfast tho

      3. Savage Opress

        @The 6ix no im not going to search it up its not that important to me 😂and because its probably more complex than just a google search. Rather have a sidemen fan answer it with a subjective details about it.

      4. The 6ix

        @Savage Opress u live under a rock??? Search it up.

      5. Savage Opress

        @The 6ix deji and ksi beefed about what? Lool😂

    93. TrentSZN

      So no one is gonna talk about the score of their second game is 7-2?

    94. Zawad Tiash

      Song at 20:55?

    95. daryll Hattingh

      The stinky team gave their controllers to their older brothers

    96. Colt

      15:38 So that's who everyone calls the greatest any ever I see. Scoring an own goal from a cross by a player from the other team.

    97. Darven Raj

      Can anyone help me out with the track on 26:43

      1. Mamu Family

        Go mode nbhd nick

    98. Ghandi Dnali

      Vikk is acc disabled at Fifa

    99. Zain Khan

      Next episode we should get a thing showing what button vikk is pressing 🤣

    100. Parlay

      what song is at 24:00