ROAD TO RAGE QUIT! (Sidemen FIFA 21 Pro Clubs)


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    1. Rami Hamad

      I want the music they play whenever they score a goal. If someone has any idea please tell mee

    2. Anna Pham

      The peaceful south korea concurrently bounce because lizard putatively supply forenenst a elegant flower. piquant, hospitable father-in-law

    3. Francisco Diogo


    4. Francisco Diogo

      Omg I'm gonna kill myself

    5. Crevilo !!!

      Imagine manny playing with them

    6. Daniel

      simon just said spread it like sum cheeks 1:27

    7. Charlie Blandino

      Anyone know the song playing at 10:00

    8. lukee200

      petition to remove behzinga from the sidemen

    9. Alan Miller

      Y’all are dog

    10. Gibson Gang#3

      did anyone else notice that some of the other teams players was wwe wrestlers

    11. The Imposter

      Play this 23:00 at 0.25 speed idk why bu5 it’s so funny😂

    12. Claudio Lombardi

      What song is that when they score

    13. The Notorious Carlos

      These vids are just the greatest lmaooo

    14. Porter Campbell

      Anyone know the song used a 1:50

    15. Stage4Casper

      Anyone else try to play it in .25x speed to hear what they said? @23:06

    16. le sheep

      Anyone remember which pro club vid it was where Harry called the phone number on the other team’s name, i cant bloody find it

    17. SamWow123

      lmao they played against Johnny Sins in the first game

    18. Ali Khalid

      29:25 Miniminter: no one slide Harry: spams slides tackles in the box 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    19. Tommy Innit

      Live u vikkstar

    20. Space Walker

      Hence proved, Harry and Vik are close friends

    21. Sam Sherwin

      Y'all do know that the first game it was only one dude playing right???

    22. PABLOK

    23. Porter Campbell

      What's the song used for the first goal

    24. Jay Politowski

      Bro add facecam to fifa

    25. Thomas Morris

      Has Ethan built up some anger issues recently? Always seems angry and full of himself. Bring back happy ethan

    26. RICO


    27. Marcus Aguirre

      Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .

    28. Kayombo Samiselo

      Are we just going to ignore Behz at 27:30 "Bro he's so long!" ?

    29. Ibrahim Rehman

      How can two words being repeated be so funny? 'We've lost!''We've lost!''We've lost!''We've lost!''We've lost!''We've lost!''We've lost!''We've lost!''We've lost!''We've lost!''We've lost!''We've lost!''We've lost!''We've lost!''We've lost!''We've lost!''We've lost!''We've lost!'

    30. CommandoCdn

      James may fc are slow. Just like their captain

    31. Thomas Rayment

      what's the song at 16:23

    32. Peter Dalali

      More of these vids pls

    33. Litos


    34. Ahmed Qureshi

      19:42 "OHHH YESSS" gave me flashbacks

    35. Edgar Jr Escoto

      This would be so much better with face cam

    36. Osama Najib

      They need to pass better

    37. Tejalkera_Msp love

      Doing a sidemen marthon

    38. AlexIOM


    39. Aditya Gupta

      good times when josh and simon used to edit videos for pro clubs content

    40. Liam Bishop

      Anyone know of the song that they often play when they score?

    41. Squire95

      I think it's a missed opportunity to use "Cheese" in FIFA as also a reference to the James May "Cheese" meme then again Sidemen FC is not really that overpowered so don't blame them for not using "Cheese"

    42. Joseph Bateman

      This football is better than the real thing. They actually tackle

    43. Alan Angcao

      One of them needs to be purely a centerback build so someone can at least hold the back as well as being the tallest for corners, they all have striker or midfielder builds and because they are small, they get bullied a lot by the taller players on defense and can’t hold the line.

    44. Sage White

      Bro my clubs team would slap up the sidemen!!!!! I wish I could verse them

    45. Flavio Ulisses Sales Da Silva

      its actually 10v 12, harry sabotages lol

    46. Fahed Ellid

      Bois, this is our best chance of seeing JJ play fifa

    47. Diego Alvarez

      Just imagine the madness that would happen if manny played w them

    48. adriano

      They r trash lmaoo

    49. A F K

      The funny thing about this type of videos from sidemen is that when it goes good they are like...WE ARE SICK. and when it goes bad they are like... YOUR SO SHIT😂😂😂😂😂

    50. the white thing

      im disappointed that the editors didn't take this chance to play get hyper when they had a shot/scored.

    51. Paul Holban

      3rd best channel they have and its still so good

    52. Golden Darkness

      Not a fan of the bgm. Kinda kills the tension. *Bad music starts playing when you're at their goal with the ball* "Well I guess you're not scoring then."

    53. MC Vinth

      Ngl I swear vikk has like 2 goals this season

    54. G S

      What is the name of the beat at 0:56

    55. DKT Videos

      16:42 song?

    56. Ysr Henrik

      Love this but please fuck off with the music

    57. Inva1n

      Anyone else relised cesaro and roman reigns are wwe wrestlers but they scored goals and look exactly like they do in real life

    58. Jonathan Ochieng

      just realised JJ name is YTboxingchamp

    59. Amrith Balakumar

      *Wins Div 1 Title* Simon: “Doesn’t mean anything yet guys, nil nil.”

    60. Danish Kevin

      I don’t know if this is a joke but at 8:59 u can see the name Johnny sins in the opponent team name on the screen Pause and see

    61. Kevin Iturralde

      Call goalie out!!

    62. Nathan Hennessy

      They do realise that when that bit got sped up we can just slow it down and hear what was said 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    63. Stan Evans

      this is proof moresidemen > sidemen

    64. 1uk3inh0

      what was vikk saying when his voice was sped up and pitched up?


      Anyone know the song that starts at 4:14 ??

    66. 35 million Views

      Is more sidemen actually the sidemens channel, or just someone stealing their stuff?

      1. Jablo Pablo

        It's their second channel

    67. ryanator_109

      This series is so not good for everyones health lmaooo

    68. Samir Aslanli ll AzWarrior ll

      If we slow down fast-forwarded part of the video, can we hear what Harry actually said?😂

    69. Samir Aslanli ll AzWarrior ll

      If we slow down fast-forwarded part of the video, can we hear what Harry actually said?😂

    70. Xeption Hyper

      Wow div 10 these are shocking

    71. Archie Sharratt

      Put some respect on Harry’s name stop violating nd blaming him for everything, u man make so many mistakes nd it’s only Harry that gets called out

    72. EJL


    73. Elias Winther

      permission to get this with facecams

    74. Vishal keshetty

      Fifa 21 do be lookin like fifa 2001

    75. TDB

      Sidemen In Pro Clubs Best: Josh Worst: Harry Overrated: Simon Underrated: JJ Overachiever: Ethan Underachiever: Tobi Vikk: Vikk

      1. TDB

        @Zoro Roronoa your knees must be pretty sore after that

      2. Zoro Roronoa

        @TDB mad stuff like the rest lmao..he doesnt even play upfront much.and when he does he bosses it..the games in which he plays as any they win..and where does he complain..just accept that youre a blind hater with time on your hands

      3. TDB

        @Zoro Roronoa all he does is complain tbh. I don’t see him doing mad stuff like the rest. He’s still good but considering he plays a lot of fifa he’s pretty dead

      4. Zoro Roronoa

        lmao simon as overrated..if he wasnt there the team would be a shambles

      5. GloryGaming 1995


    76. Sam Jones

      I love how they have the badge and kit of my local club! ALLEZ LES MERLUS !! 🟠⚫

    77. Liam Harrison

      omfg harry baaaaaadddddddd voice crack at 20:33 went unoticed

    78. Saar Nissim Engel

      If anyone want a Ksimon moment, go to 19:48

    79. Fayez Alif

      The editor needs to get arrested for giving people heart attacks with the background music 😂

    80. Jayden Phillips

      The last game in the 2nd half I was dying 😂

    81. Jonathan 245

      manz like ethan became martin tyler @ 19:40

    82. Onions 101

      I have 12 subscribers... See how many this comment can get me... Also have a good day thanks

    83. Oli G

      Does anyone know the background song for the 3rd goal in the second game?

      1. Oli G

        17:20 it starts

    84. Rushabh Gajula

      2:09 what is this amazing soundtrack

    85. irfan_hufflepuff_

      21:42 jj ur in danger...

    86. Abraar Hasan

      Watching harry slide was gvin me anxiety

    87. Xavier Jimenez

      4:10 so was i the only one who noticed the Johnny sins on the opposite side?

    88. Daniel Giancaspro

      Does anyone know the song at 12:57??

    89. farai manyumbu

      Petition to start another fifa mania series🙏🏾🙏🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

    90. Rylan Deece

      Video idea: sidemen play volta

    91. Ollie

      what did harry's character do at 17:30 haha

    92. Matt Brown

      the sound effects 🤣

    93. EnockMadness

      Am i the only one seeing wrestlers on the other team? lmao

    94. Ryan Smart

      19:41 - Martin Tyler has entered the chat

    95. Piemonte Calcio

      Jesus these lot defend worse than Man United 😂😂

    96. Brandon Payne

      It’s weird seeing behz plays with the sidemen and then playing with jcc, you can see the difference 😂😂

    97. Zakia Khan

      What’s the song when they score

    98. Swagman360


    99. hi_ point610

      Can we get a counter for how many fuck ups harry does.

    100. NCode

      Song starting at 2:29?