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    1. Auzzie god

      VIK is smashing it holy shit that’s funny

    2. apexmoments1456

      Tobi got violated

    3. BenchWire

      bruh with the way JJ jumped on it and said "harry" he definitely cheated lmao

    4. Ethan Stead

      Bring back Gary’s mod like prop hunt and everything

    5. mattjlr

      Can we get some Sidemen TTT at some point?

    6. Olivia Alise

      The fact that Harry went back and fixed the title to now say "MY BUM CRACK IS GONE!!" with no space behind the E

    7. Therussianboi

      Hey guys you must know a lot about clickbait. You guys are experts

    8. sourced podcast

      The yellow toad tinctorially pass because lettuce sequentially crawl amid a literate knee. splendid, bored element

    9. Nut Supplier 69

      Vikk: You know what's interesting? *crickets*

    10. your mum

      as soon as they said lock in harry i turned my volume down knowing jj was gonna scream

    11. Abdullah Aboueitta

      why is jj so hard on tobi what did he do oh pore tobi

    12. Vi _XXiV

      Last title was Harry's French people leave spaces before putting ?! and all Harry is from Guernsey Sooooooooooooooo

    13. Marlon Cruz

      Jesus is king

    14. Jeremy Parker

      JJ's had a stinker here lmao he did play south park on his second channel and one of the times he did play south park was when Simon and Josh prank scared him with the masks and he flew out of his chair

    15. Jackson Halverson

      23:20 Josh’s face when he’s in disbelief of getting exposed

    16. Y B

      I swear JJ did play South Park, that’s where the Ellen clip came from

    17. ToT ch

      harry 100 percent cheated look at him LOL 18:40

    18. Arthur Evans

      Toby and vick really trying with the green screen but the others just don’t care!🤣

    19. MInhaz Basith

      Simon does an excellent job as the adjudicator.

    20. ASAP Buckets

      The shat on track is actually class from vik 😂

    21. DooNo7

      You’ll never unsee it... ETHAN’S CAM IS SMALLER THAN EVERYONE ELSE’S

    22. leandro leone

      Howard Liebengood

    23. THE SiDESET

      That was an awesome video right there! Some love for my channel would also be much appreciated as i am very new to the scene of youtube and video making in general :D Take care guys, much love!

    24. Sander Peters

      Let’s get tbjzl video to 100k

    25. Hali Simpson

      Why do I feel the energy has changed between the black dudes and the rest of them, it’s been off for a while now. I feel they make the black guys feel insecure... I don’t like it, especially when Harry asked what group chat

    26. i have cheese

      aww did you know simon was a twitch partner i had know idea until that jumper (sarcasm)

    27. Jason Dwyer

      Ksi sounded sick in this video

    28. Ollie Hooper

      5:35 ksi has indeed played this game,

    29. Jules Ducomble

      ethan saying its him simon: its Josh

    30. Dilpreet Singh

      Simons reactions are pog

    31. Parker Wilson

      When Harry looks up the answer.

    32. ryan stuckey

      KSI was playing stick of truth during one of his most viral moments, him getting scared.

    33. mac Meijer

      JJ's is on drugs

    34. Frullo 16

      Harry was cheating for sure 😂

    35. Jordyn Nexus

      When you genuinely remember some of the titles because it was a video you found funny and watched 6 times 😂 sex in the bushes was one of them in particular I cackled when that one came up

    36. Kenneth Hartono

      Who here searched for these videos afterwards 😂😂😂😂

    37. EvilePickelGaming


    38. Georgia Smith

      Simons facial expressions are the one

    39. rey star

      Itachi died for us

    40. CS Clizzie

      just sat here watching simons facial impressions to see if it’s the person they say

    41. Yesuah Toro-Quiles

      We going to ignore Ethan's voice crack? 2:47

    42. Lakhwinder Singh

      what is this vid

    43. Edgar Van_Parys

      ‘My camera’s not working’ Don’t lie who else does this for online school 😂

    44. Smfstar123

      35:27 Poor Tobi man

    45. Kishan


    46. Kenny Cameron

      “Big Black Penis” title is a fine title, sidemen dead now with this pc shit

    47. JSE CLIPS _

      I swear I’ve seen this before

    48. sehhi vooty

      Vik absolutely roasted tobi at 7:14 and no one noticed ahahahaha

    49. Nikita Sarah

      Well done Ethan for sticking up for Tobi!

    50. Everything Flashy

      No, it's team Nigerians

    51. WlshIE 365

      2 minutes in and im not surprised this is 40 minutes long lmao

    52. Melissa.A

      Simon's face at 18:50 lol he was like "this hoes are slow"

      1. sehhi vooty

        simons facial expressions when he’s knows they’ve got it wrong are amazing😂

    53. Ailsa Ni

      Vik absolutely roasted tobi at 7:14 and no one noticed ahahahaha

    54. bing bong


    55. Dave Lloyd

      How the fuck tbjzl has 4.3 million subscribers will forever baffle me.

    56. Potato BooBoo


      1. Ailsa Ni

        The tawdry armenian gradually plug because geranium originally kneel beyond a peaceful feet. right, funny water

    57. unga

      Bro your all talking over each other I don’t even know what’s going on 😂

    58. DrewATL

      Did anyone else see tobi’s logo pop up in the final round and think that vikks team had got it right?

    59. Ramona Richardson

      The cowardly macrame crucially concern because adjustment tentatively develop than a violet waitress. disastrous, mixed continent

    60. Ochinsang Kichu

      *Shat on track Vik: "When KSI pulls up to the studio" 💀 Had me dead!!😂😂

    61. Ochinsang Kichu

      Harry gotta add "Stinky" before every word😂

    62. MStewart56

      Fuck Vikk was actually a vibe in this video hahaha he was making some banging jokes

    63. PdzerOTL

      Let's get Toby some views guys

    64. oiuet souiu

      Title: Shat on track Vik: when ksi pulls up to the studio

    65. Maisie Thomas

      simons facial expressions when he’s knows they’ve got it wrong are amazing😂

    66. Excqntric

      11:05 me and vick think the same

    67. GYMBLE

      5:58 "Ive never played that in my life" The scare prank Josh and Simon did on him with the zerkaa mask was done while he was playing it lmao

    68. nex!

      16:52 geometry dash players

      1. oiuet souiu

        Haven't they posted this before?? Cause I feel like Ive watched this video

    69. huh

      18:49 i swear harry search for that

    70. Washed Keion

      The tawdry armenian gradually plug because geranium originally kneel beyond a peaceful feet. right, funny water

    71. lil jazzy

      Love how Harry looks at his phone the whole time for the “shat on track” video title and then “suggests it could be Tbjzl 😂

    72. P3RVY S4GE

      can't wait for Naan bread by ksi

    73. Gaming Gamer X

      Will Ksi comment in this

    74. Daniel Sam

      29:00 look at Ethan 😂

    75. sebastian Soriano

      please bring back GTA V vids

    76. JadeRaven

      Harry: I wouldn't have a mistake in my title Harry has a mistake in his title Harry: 😮

    77. Tanker Gamer

      JJ: "I've never played that game in my life", man literally got on Ellen while playing South Park Stick of Truth

    78. Jess GalaxyGrL14

      Why Is KSI lying about not playing "South Park: The Stick Of Truth". But I guess he hasn't touched the game ever since he got scared

    79. Abhay Singh

      Great, now we need to know what the bleep was when ksi said when he jumped out the bushes AND what Harry said in the first back to school video🙄🤣

    80. Ciaráin Plays

      is ethan ok

    81. Master Oogway

      Why does Ethan always look like he just doesn't want to be there??? Is he alright???

    82. Suerine Otieno

      Haven't they posted this before?? Cause I feel like Ive watched this video

    83. ENERGY

      Ethan looks like Prince Harry

    84. Alexander Blaylock

      I feel like watched this before 😂

    85. Georgia Smith

      Josh also put bash stick in a title Aswel

    86. jensen

      16:52 Indian trains.

    87. jensen

      Ethan the CEO of not taking jokes

    88. Spaghetti Sauce

      only thing this title needed was 10.000$

    89. Jason Tyler

      Déjà Vu?

    90. Akhmed Djumaev

      I like how Harry was saying it might be me looks down for 30 seconds... It can be Tobi you know he hadn’t had one yet

    91. 00Phat12345

      Why does ksi have such a bad memory? Saying he never played South Park in his life, when he played it during the moment josh and Simon scare pranked him to jumping off his chair

    92. Memerboii

      The day the sidemen almost broke up

    93. Sam Davies

      Holy shit the editors actually used the greenscreens!!!!

    94. Roomify

      *harry looks at phone* *immediately looks up and says right answer*

    95. Roomify

      Bruh i already know harry be cheating the whole timw

    96. Yxsuf

      22:48 Plotwist

    97. Carrick Kelly

      How is Harry in London ???

    98. tongs

      sidemen should do another 'learn 10 skills' or maybe just this template: sidemen learn 10 (blank), or just more sports videos like volleyball cus i love volleyball lol but 50% of the views play football so i dont think thats gonna happen

    99. Dustin Brewer

      Maybe next time highlight the teams face cams in green when it is their turn, then maybe have it blink several times if they get the question correct.