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    1. michael Blitzer

      why do I hate every video with freezy in it

    2. Callum Is Annoying

      Simon you can write multiple words Title 🖕🏾🖕🏼

    3. Finboy21

      For alia I’d have done diplodocolus

    4. James Glanville

      Anyone know what happened between elk the witch and stormzy😂

    5. J4ck Sc0pe

      What did jj say about Freya

    6. Lacey-mae

      Just me who realised vik was behind the sign what said Simon 😂

    7. Jocify

      Damn, when did Simon get so short?

    8. Bobby Blew

      5:20 Toby’s fatherly look of disappointment 😭

    9. MTC DXRK

      Why does vid have a board saying simon 😂

    10. Topraksz

      Thé sound he makes at 10:19

    11. Spryer Random

      Why is no one talking about vikks sign lmao😂😂 It says "Simon"

    12. Tao-Jade Smith

      Everyone put normal things then you see cals face then he goes “I think he’s gay”

    13. Tiktok compilations

      I'm surprised no one said *moderater* 12:41

    14. Susan McCollum

      i cant be the only one who noticed that the stand that vik is at says "simon"

      1. Littleskiddy6

        Cos it's from the weakest link 2 video

    15. Auritro Dutta

      No one gonna talk about how vikks sign says Simon on it? No? Ok...

      1. Abigail Ensah

        @Auritro Dutta ahhh ok

      2. Auritro Dutta

        @Abigail Ensah yeah ik just wanted to point it out, I recognised the set from that vid and that's how I noticed it in the first place

      3. Abigail Ensah

        It's from the weakest link vid bc vikk was presenting it

    16. Aaryan Amin

      hahahahahahahahahahahahahaah Vik podium had simons name on it. hahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    17. Fluxuate X

      The previous walk baly travel because poison monthly disapprove amongst a testy brain. deep, absent grill

    18. Kali co.

      The fact that Jack actually injured his eyebrow and not his actual eye😂

      1. Wonder Bilodeau

        I think they meant eye/eyeball as in his like profile picture

    19. SWH

      What’s Callux trying to hide? 14:45

    20. Ellen Kjellberg

      I guess Vikks new name is Simon...

    21. Thicki Kimmi

      Nobody: Not even a soul: Me: Looking for David dobrick to comment saying “I’m not gay”

      1. Thicki Kimmi

        @zwrld nah I was just hoping he would bahah

      2. zwrld

        So he did comment?

    22. Thicki Kimmi

      Nobody: Not even a soul: Me looking for a comment telling me what KSI said when it was blanked out 😭

    23. Peter Walton

      Can I say Simon has just give up on commenting on the others not saying one word but who cares

    24. Lw at23

      Viks thing said Simon

    25. Solotov

      What does swaz mean

    26. rich grimes

      Anyone notice Vikk was stud at Simon stand

    27. Rinny Rinster

      Big up josh saying Trayaurus for Dan TDM

    28. Amelia Grabiec

      ive got to the end of the video and only just realised vik is standing behing simons stand lol

    29. HKM

      Simon: Deji Sidemen: *Sweating*

    30. Ellen Smith

      Nobody: Simon: Freya Nightingale Josh: Be Nice! Everyone proceeds to be nice Josh: C**t

      1. dzlfc

        @Ellen Smith and I happened to pick you g

      2. Ellen Smith

        @dzlfc i mean most people who comment have seen the video

      3. dzlfc

        We saw the video 🤦‍♂️

    31. Alex08

      0:42 nazi

    32. Dev Agarwal

      Come on why isn't Logan Paul here

    33. Trim4 BigZ

      I love how Vik’s station says Simon from the weakest link

    34. Hollie Graham-Merrett

      for david dorbik why did no one put liza koshy

    35. Johannes van der Stuyvebode

      JJ = uncut Vik = clumsy Harry = silly Simon = manchild Cal = funny Freezy = weird Josh = boring Tobi = fake Ethan = pretentious Deji = deji

    36. Ryan Morales

      Got “Don’t Play” as an ad and It allowed me to skip it but I sang and listened to the whole thing🔥🔥

    37. Lollypop 537

      Is it just me who noticed Vik’s sign said Simon?

    38. Mollie Wright

      6 minutes into the video and only just realised viks stand says simon

    39. Titchy G

      Is it annoying anyone else that vikk’s says ‘simon’

    40. Oliver Rowley

      Ethans can landing perfectly did t get enough of a reaction

    41. Charlie Wright

      I thought at least one of them would of said Tesla for David dobrik

    42. Benjamin Cooke

      Ethan and Sniperwolf would be a good match

    43. Ryan Lambert

      JJ was just waffling about Chris's videos

    44. Diego Da Silva Rodrigues

      19:14 what jake Paul needs to hear

    45. Joseph Bowden

      one of the best video's imo. need more of this

    46. AbstruseClub79 -MJ

      Any1 else notice vikk was standing in front simons name and every1 else was at their own

    47. Lzzoo2k

      Why does Vikks stand say Simon😂😂

    48. Libby Does Stuff

      Can I ask why viks stand says Simon like I know it’ll be from another video but still

    49. Thomas Morton

      Only just noticed vik is standing at Simons thingy

    50. Andy Hackett

      Why the random switch to Josh at 19:13 ?

    51. Beth Morgan

      Is no one gonna talk about why vik name thingy says Simon on it 💀🤣

    52. Azwad Sifat


    53. Azwad Sifat


    54. Liam Lynch

      It says Simon under vicks name tag

    55. Adam Duncan

      Me realising they stole from WillNe

    56. Goofy Playz

      Viks stand says Simon

    57. Skizzy 24s

      7:30 swear they’re just know chunks proper “BUNDAA” 🤣🤣

    58. shahed ahmed

      What does he mean by whipped

    59. Aäron Sercu

      Why does Vik's stand say Simon? 😂

    60. A real Human

      Vikk standing at Simmons podium be like

    61. Ruairi Lyng

      Irish people don’t say top of the morning

    62. Ben Phillips

      Who realised that vik was on simons stand

    63. Void Libilay

      Ethan: 1 in 4 chance one of them have this. Me: I think we know why he dropped out of school bc it def didn’t support his HUfast career as it is shite Edit: the odds were all the words in existence plus made up words are possible divided by 4 Jk. Love you all :)

    64. bubbabubbles

      Anybody else confused how they’re counting the points

    65. Daniel Adeoti

      Am I the only one that thinks nonce when they hear Stephen tries

    66. ウィル

      The gorm at the front of the class tryna speak: That one kid: 19:14

    67. Abdulelah Gaming

      Glad you didn’t disrespect my boy dan boys

    68. CrabbyFc and GO GX CLAN

      3:50 Nani sbc

    69. Skull TEC

      Everyone: swaz Freezy: controversial Callux: close CANCER!

    70. Harry HC

      Tobi's look at jj

    71. I Zpademilio I

      19:18 hes been called fatneek so much overweight is now a technicsl term for him

    72. Sapphire 21

      Pause the vid then go to 15:11 and look at freezys face omg tge sass

    73. King Bling

      i lost it when freezy nsaid gay to david dobrik

    74. Zed2Bronze

      Look at this man josh saying steventries is underachieving even tho he (josh) is literally the most underachieving one out of the whole sidemen. Bro your not a big shot. you're a stinker bro stop trying to act like your worth anything cuz ur not. ur a piece of shit that be dissing people for no reason.

    75. Divine 59


    76. Jkhardy

      Her voice isn't annoying, ksi wouldn't ever date or be around her if her voice is annoying

    77. Quentin Mingo

      19:13 my mans was ready to kill ksi

    78. Amina Peters

      are we just gonna ignore harry using his phone to level the podium or....

      1. Sidemen Simp

        It’s harry. What do you expect?

    79. Rhys Styles

      didnt know simon was asian

    80. Spoon Toons

      TommyInnit should have been here XD

    81. Adam Miah Year 7

      Where is Niko

    82. Jon3sy1996

      Harry spelled coloUr wrong and it's pissing me off

    83. emilys vlogs

      Everyone : 4:20 ,vlog Harry: lisp Frezzy: i-i I think he's gay JJ:dead

    84. paige rennie

      No one: Calfreezy: I think he’s gay 😂💀

    85. Amber

      3:23 was sick

    86. sathvik chandra

      mr beast ??

    87. Andy Uku

      How did nobody put keylor navas for nepenthes

    88. mikea hiooi

      "One word challenge" Josh: So can I write multiple words? Simon: Yes Accuracy -100

      1. Dede Horan

        You mean Vik, simon is playing the game😼

    89. Ahmed Batea

      "describe HUfastrs in *one word* " Also them: "top of the morning"

    90. Its Elit3Gunner

      are cal and cal joining sidemen

    91. FlaminGOD

      when it was Nepenthez i was expecting cheeky keylor navas🤣🤣🤣

      1. mikea hiooi

        I hope people don’t actually think Irish people say “top of the mornin”

    92. gioyu comi

      I love how they used the Barns and Nobles picture of PewDiePie

    93. Theresa


    94. lucy r

      this video shows no-ones loyal slating Chris like that 😂

    95. Small Black Man

      Josh:*takes the piss out of sniperwolfs voice* Cal: yo shut the fuck up

      1. gioyu comi

        swear david dobrik is gay he seems gay to me

    96. Abdur Rafay

      Pov: this was recorded the same day when they filmed the sidemen sunday

    97. jessi smith

      am i the only one who CANNOT stand that freezy guy???

    98. abbsnn cose

      Very good😂😍

    99. higxt

      Main channel worthy

    100. Brice Melchor

      F2 and Sidemen collab ??? that’d be pretty sick tbh