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    1. Francisco Diogo

      That games wants accurate Rich answers or something

    2. MC Nahom

      Name something you walk out on: me: yelling "Ethan!" at my screen LMFAOOO

    3. Reese Raymond

      tobi activated the clout goggles. sheeeeeeeeeesshhh!!

    4. Ziad Alharbi

      Awesome video broo

    5. Josh Blake Gaming

      I thought jj was wearing maverick merch

    6. Sankul Pandey

      This was amazing play more of theseee



    8. Unnamed

      Ethan needs to have a limiter on him bro, he's peaking so much!

    9. Memento Mori

      Myles has a IQ below room temperature

    10. NONSTOP

      I’m waiting for part 2 with all the lads

    11. Meghan Everly

      Do this for sidemen Sunday

      1. Taylor Carney

        They already done it

    12. Rostam Alanson

      Why didn’t they all have a character lolz

    13. Vinnie Fabian

      The glasses definitely gave them a 30% boost in intelligence.

    14. Sierra Winright

      Who says underpants? lmao

    15. Tayshaun

      Imagine being a team of three and getting bodied by one guy lmao im laughing too hard for this 😭

    16. Vishay

      Did anyone else get way more into it with this than the actual game show?

    17. Daisae

      0:06. ngl,, thought jj was wearing maverick merch

    18. Finley Maclean

      Uuh oh not again

    19. Nova

      i thought JJ was wearing a maverick merch

    20. gavin jukhoo

      wtf is jj wearing Maverick merch ?

    21. Gayl Phistr

      I wouldn’t want an Asian woman behind me on a highway

      1. siuLAF

        Uhhh thats kind of, whatever

      2. Bezzi


    22. Ibu Ibrahim

      Jj is wearing a mavrik merch from wish😂

    23. Shantiv Monga


    24. Christian Ifashe

      It looks like jj is wearing maverick merch with that hoodie lol

      1. H A R R I E T

        i thaught the same thinggg 🤣

    25. Charlie Wilson - Mew

      tobi looking like ali g

    26. Munashe Jindu

      glasses trend

    27. King olof ll

      20:10 Ethan be like

    28. Mohammed Hamid

      Is JJ wearing Maverick merch??

    29. Iyiade David

      3 Nigerians and Simon. Top Quality content

    30. Ramb0 132

      Sidemen better at trivia without vik???

    31. Dan Is Disguised

      Why were they trying to cut the video lol

    32. Shahd Alkasas

      What happened at the very end tho? Jj started laughing and tobi was like end the vid

    33. StroudyHD

    34. Chaey Lia

      This game is too American 😂

    35. The Godz

      We need more of these videos this was too entertaining 😂😂😂😂

    36. Younus

      Is jj wearing a maverick hoodie?

    37. JSN-GAMING

      They should do a real family feud sidemen vs beta squad

    38. KRTKL

      Where dont u wanna find nail clippings JJ: GaRdEn!? ME: ARE U FUCKING nope.. fuck

    39. The People's Network

      that "Sidemen Crew" jingle had me laughing hard lmao

    40. vr_bxrry

      where’s steve at -dashie😂

    41. 10k without any video challenge

      I was just like "stand" the most popular word. Followed by under

    42. Myles Medina

      Me watching this and having the name Myles...

    43. Theresa


    44. S3 Youngboy

      Me wearing glasses feeling special but really i am not

    45. taylor xx

      i was getting so mad when they wouldnt say understand

    46. Tinashe Efraim Manamike

      no errbody got glasses

    47. Alexandros Geromarkakis

      Poor kid didn't even know the sidemen were destroying him😂

    48. EliteShade

      why is jj wearing logan paul merch ? bruh

    49. bears 25

      Play Scramble

    50. Keira Noriega

      When your American so you know they got underpants wrong

    51. stresi fan

      Is jj hearing maverik shirt

    52. Ahmed Khan

      jj is wearing a maverick hoodie

    53. Brayan !

      Alright let’s be honest who else put their glasses on

    54. Ronie HD

      Name a dead youtube channel

    55. Mordecai

      Was unsubed to ur channel for some reason?

    56. Ethan Dilbeck

      Does Behz think Americans don't say "underground"? lmao

    57. Joel Granados-Reeves

      I actually thought that JJ wore logan paul merch for a minute😪

    58. Sydney minton

      When he says Americans don’t say underwear. My first guess being underwear and being an American...

    59. Xd Cholo

      Why does kai wear loganbpaul merch

    60. A hip to the hop

      Oh no...not again *War flashbacks*

    61. FTW Tech

      No Steve Harvey? Oof.

    62. Martin Blower

      Tobi really looks like Specs in this video

    63. Rahul Shankar

      To this day I get nervous when I see Sidemen and Family Feud in the same sentence

    64. Silver Duchess

      I just don’t know how they didn’t think of “understand” straight away 😂

    65. C U P E R 库伯

      Simon has more of a beard than JJ

    66. Invasion Squad

      What’s the name of this game it seems interesting

    67. Rhia

      8:52 me automatically thinking Under the Sea😂

    68. Armand

      Is jid wearin maverick merch?

    69. Galaxy Sisters

      is JJ wearing a maverick hoodie or am i seeing things

    70. Ikenwilo Brian

      am kind of a new subscriber got addicted to watching ksi then the sidemen also atched ksi's fight he was good both actually ksi, sidemen you guys give really good content I first new you guys from my brother he was watching when I joined then I guy addicted am also from nigeria, my problem is i don't know how to play the one question go please help I will love to see and talk to you 👏

    71. Alejandra Deleon

      lol i love that they all put on glasses

    72. Jal El

      These men really wrote underPANTS, who says Underpants ??!! Whooo?????

    73. ItzBumBoe

      9:50 lmao Tobi xD

    74. Therese Strand

      does ksi use maverick merch or am i dum

    75. Rock Animations

      JJ is wearing logan paul merch

    76. Spaxx

      thank god randy isn't here

    77. Gaming

      X X X on the other team

    78. Harrison Bannister

      Anyone realise it’s literely the sims characters put into a game

    79. R & M

      Ksi is wearing Logan Paul mirch

    80. Zaron Lane

      This was a great video

    81. Abdurahmaan Salie

      Myles get shit on

    82. Jeffrey O'Gara

      Picking Benz and JJ over Vik and Josh is brave you know

    83. Rigby Flip

      Me: putting the volume max Sideman: screaming every time they get an answer correct Me: turns the volume down

    84. Kakarroto


    85. CheKz0 On 60 FPS

      This is so funny

    86. Roman Moerua

      Remember the last time they did something like this Randolph:deji!?!

    87. HarveyCYD 250


    88. Inverse Reacts

      Amazing how gassed Ethan is haha

    89. Inverse Reacts

      Everyone flaming a 8 year old for sure 😅

    90. Maximillian Ford

      I was literally screaming ‘movie’ at the screen for that question lol. Glad they still won tho

    91. Mekhala Das

      What did Simon say at the end?

    92. James

      KSI in a MAVERICK Hoodie ;0

    93. Max Skip


    94. emiliano pureco

      Who else got some glasses to fit in 😂

    95. Joseph Delvin

      KSI "omg they're so dumb!" says "UNDER-PLOYMENT" boy stop, stick to music.

    96. YZA 2

      I hope under employment ends up on his reddit 😂😂🤣

    97. narutosageman

      Not even a minute into this video and here I am throwing on UV-Blue glasses as well! Glasses Gang!!

    98. Adit ajay

      JJ: wears glasses GUESS WHO'S BACK, BACK AGAIN

    99. Horatio Jackson

      Americans use underwear, Draws, or boxers; not underpants