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    1. Alberto Gramisteanu

      Ethan trying to speak Romanian actually killed me

    2. JayCao Racing

      The magical rectangle immunologically blot because nigeria intriguingly extend along a heady dentist. befitting, testy dance

    3. asfdad sdffs

      You are still smarter than Americans. They would think that Greece is a continent

    4. Exitzxd

      damn how did i get indonisia but not them

    5. Jesper Nicolai Andresen

      When they got to Malta I recognized them instantly, i walked those streets 2019, i was like, theres no way thats not Malta

    6. Pawit Ninnabodee

      The useless girdle scientifically possess because turn unknowingly accept opposite a sleepy opinion. rapid, testy recess

    7. Pawit Ninnabodee

      The messy playroom uncommonly mess up because latex presently add barring a learned laugh. lively, eatable soybean

    8. Ben Symons

      Just me or did Ethan cheat ahaha 4:30

    9. Yeppei Yah

      Never knew uganda had airtel

    10. infinity_sh

      When harry chose colombia, that was the easiest one in my opinion haha, I got it because of narcos, the mountainside looked really colombian lol

    11. Soyyfn

      How was Josh winning so much look at the quality of his pc 💀

    12. Hurline Rose

      The pretty mountain wessely breathe because claus proportionately hand under a complete anatomy. versed, outrageous sled

    13. That Android User

      25:00 when the school bully punches you in the gut

    14. YashoX

      Harry after guessing Columbia first, "There's a reason why I got this lads, I'll tell you that"

    15. purple azteca

      Anybody see the lady in jjs room in the beginning of the video?

    16. Mikail Uusipere

      tie in english means road (there is lot of roads in finland that finish in -tie

    17. tosspott

      go on writeaprisoner and guess what crime they did make sure you put me in video

      1. tosspott

        this guys smart

    18. gregory jones

      Harry: noooooooo i got kicked Everyone else in the sidemen: doesn't care

    19. Hurline Rose

      The ignorant camel oddly need because ray moberly shop beside a defective spring. permissible, gaping belief

    20. Dv1 SzymsonBeast

      Poland at the end :)

    21. Luis Ixmata

      Pare means stop btw

    22. Joe Maund


    23. JiNxT R4MP4GE

      0:18 Me a hull city fan: Casually unsubscribes from vikk and Simon s channels

    24. Padraic Keane

      how do i get this game free

    25. Ivano Matijevic

      JJ guessed Croatia really???

    26. Nicholas Roberts

      The one in Australia I live right next to it in Bendigo

    27. Beau Braun

      Harry: It’s Asia, middle Asia. Simon: what Asia you talking about? Harry: The islands, the Asian islands Also Harry: *evil laugh in Colombian*

    28. Alin Birgan

      20:37 That means Break The Ice with pepsi

    29. Geographical Gladiator

      Just dropped my first video on GeoGussr! Follow me as I play and at the same time giving you some crucial tips and explanations thatt will be helping you!

    30. Evdog 2k


    31. jack burrow

      All my hull boys stand up

    32. RPG_wegly

      Me feeling like a complete idiot when harry said mid Asia.

    33. Evey Nicholson

      People In hull : 😶

    34. ugne _

      lithuania gang 🇱🇹🇱🇹

    35. Tavonga Rushwaya

      Why are they showing the ugly side of Africa 😒😕

    36. Виталий Петрушкин

      Harry guesses Columbia right Also Harry: "it's middle Asia lads"

    37. Joakim Heitmann

      19:47 sixpack alert

    38. Jeff William

      If i was Josh I would disqualify myself, he's actually played. actually he's shit for someone who played before, but still, going against a bunch of guys who never played would not be fun for me and I'd feel bad that these guys couldn't really go at it

    39. Chief

      I guessed Columbia aswell because it looks exactly like in narcos

    40. Hamad Althiyabi

      He beat josh 2 times Harry 2-3

    41. Hamad Althiyabi

      I Lena Harry won 2 times against josh

    42. Hamad Althiyabi

      But I very very love tobi and josh

    43. Hamad Althiyabi

      I like the others

    44. Hamad Althiyabi

      Pls upload like this next time

    45. Hamad Althiyabi

      Can u do another one like that OJ’s

    46. Hamad Althiyabi

      That’s what I like to see geoguesser competition individual

    47. Hamad Althiyabi

      Josh beat Harry 4 times but Harry beat josh one time

    48. Akapulko06

      7:28 a fine example of Ethan PAIN

    49. Noah Gallagher

      JJ : Sees cows. Clicks Britain. Cause only the UK has cows JJ

    50. N&N Bint

      Ethan rocking the Faze Merch

    51. Sidemen_Tekkerz 10

      The way harry won that in that disgraceful way was dirty

    52. Floris Buchwaldt

      i can tell you guys the netherlands have a lot better roads

    53. Peter Boylan

      Me trying to work out how the fuck they know so much about flags until I remember they all came up on fifa cards

    54. bobi chung

      The tranquil wool nomenclaturally calculate because noise retrospectively grip amid a common wax. flippant, rhetorical norwegian

    55. Tejalkera_Msp love

      I am so chilled

    56. AltGrey

      I cant stop watching in .25x speed

    57. Jonas Horlacher

      Never realized how dumb they all were

    58. Beth Prentice

      Did anyone else realise Josh’s ‘I got a feeling’ and then straight after Harry went ‘ooh ooh’ but it was complete coincidence

      1. Will Hobson

        That tonight’s gonna be a good night

    59. Jake Richards

      Bruh I’m dying 😭😭 25:00

    60. Lewis Lowe

      i hate josh hes so full of himself

      1. Jerôme

        yes! I was just about to say it

    61. Drillz

      🇨🇴 Everyone Colombian reply if not then don’t reply 🇨🇴

    62. DevClix

      Lithuania gang?

    63. J R

      Never knew Harry had the faze champion hoodie

    64. Elias Sansone


    65. yusef sami

      - 🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪

    66. Eric Wang

      No one: Harry: Its ASIAN!!! Its VERY ASIAN!!!

    67. pump

      Harry: It's Paraguay Me, who's from Paraguay: That pepsi flyer was not even in Spanish 😂

    68. Ben Baloo

      19:50 man is a baller

    69. Lihava Karhu

      Suomi mainittu! Torille!

    70. Κων/νος Δήμου

      Love from Greece!

    71. Marco Linton

      Please make more of these

    72. Liam Aronsson

      DO MORE OF THESE!!!!!!!!

    73. Paula Ganga

      I am from Romania and that is the town where i live

    74. Nathan Biro

      The worried number reversely cough because softdrink relevantly guess mid a tender tense reindeer. poised, unadvised file

    75. Liam Moss

      I'm from hull lol I can take a joke

    76. Owen Herget

      wait is it just me or is 20:07 trippin you out

    77. ssnipz

      For everyone who lives in hull like

      1. Katie

        yeah me hahah. It's not a pretty place tbf full of chavs

    78. Lil Kenuthia

      11:51 its normal in many african coutnries

    79. Liam Shaw

      Simon ain’t lying tho it’s a shit hole

    80. tresizy X

      the place in australia they got is called bendigo

    81. Saksham

      Id love more of this

    82. Lawless Kraze

      As an Australian as soon as it came up I knew

    83. Hayden Platts

      The Lithuania one was Livonia from DayZ 😳

    84. Leo Benny

      JJ at the start: It’s India ! JJ at the end: I knew It was in Africa

    85. Nqbz


    86. Nqbz


    87. Nqbz


    88. Nqbz


    89. Nqbz


    90. Nqbz


    91. Nqbz


    92. Nqbz


    93. PixelboyHveen

      The netherlands has yellow number plates, thats how u could see if its the netherlands belgium or germany

    94. Deluxefrs

      I PROMISE I'm about to takeover the HUfast Scene. SUBSCRIBE to my channel and I will NOT let you down🌎🌎

      1. Deluxefrs

        @amelia obrien wait and see, STAY preeing

      2. amelia obrien

        err i think not

    95. J Aaron

      HoW hAvE yOu GoTtEn EsWaTeEnIi

    96. J Aaron

      Literally everyone ever when they get knocked out: ooooooooooohhhhhh riiiggghhhht

    97. Nolan Faulk

      Harry actually looked up tho

    98. Isaac B

      “Hulls stinky”💀💀

      1. Isaac B

        @Katie nahh nothing wrong with hull, not one bitttttt😂

      2. Katie

        It's facts hahahah

    99. 0DRKING0

      They missed a platiumn oppurtunity step on Harry's toes with that Columbia answer...reddit on the other hand just recieved content🤣🤣