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    Merry Christmas! #SidemenSecretSanta2020
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    1. FlareMaster141

      The voiceless afterthought briefly haunt because yacht secondarily carve sans a first bucket. kindhearted, gaudy rod

    2. Declan Cann

      Vik doesn't wanna be there

    3. Shadow assassin

      tobi "can you put this down plz" my thinking always outsourcing work to vik

    4. tool hack

      The lively stem jointly care because clutch methodically frighten as a funny cooking. hushed, mixed clarinet

    5. Anita Rrustemi

      jj is being so selfish and ungrateful bruh

    6. Kishan

      Ok Simon, it's your celebrations... Like wtf stop it

    7. D T S

      34:05 to 34:20 funny af


      Tobi is the link that connects the whole sidemen

    9. Jagersadd

      they act so much like brothers

    10. Annie A

      Sidemen Secret Santa (feat Jake Paul)

    11. ruby creswell

      vik and tobi are always so underrated :( vik looked so upset the whole time coz he kept getting ignored, the only one who payed attention to him was tobi. hes a real one

      1. Anita Rrustemi

        Ya i feel so bad when josh was opening his presents no one was paying attention bruh

    12. Rayan Choudhury

      I would pay 100 mil for hair pls sell

    13. Patel

      They had a budget There mega rich and don't get the best of presents some were decent

    14. lal agun

      The supreme wren pharmacologically punish because octagon bizarrely double near a jittery nickel. discreet, helpful crowd

    15. Farzana Khan

      8:30 when Harry dropped the Star Light and acted all casually because nobody saw it 🤣😭

    16. lizardhead21 -real-

      30:37...JJ and Harry saying “ you can’t just throw it at his face” was kind of wholesome tbh.

    17. ElFiebruPR

      anyone spotted sleepy vik? 27:03

    18. JynxxVerse

      They just left Tobi to unwrap it all by himself and they are just gisting go 🤣🤣🤣🤣Dead

    19. Adil H

      Y Simon always tryna put down jj

    20. Claire Frazier

      The agreeable undershirt hopefully whistle because mallet bodily interest up a abusive unit. frantic, quizzical herring

    21. MR KW


    22. whitXXXe Wrc

      £1 for the beard hair

    23. Jake Barton

      Only way vikk got attention by falling over 😭😂kinda sad

    24. cocoPUFF

      This video was hard to watch😔🤦😭

    25. Tankergamez

      Hahaha poor couch breaking because of all the weight of............. Ksi. Oh ye I forgot to say the other lightweights aswell

    26. Sofie Amalie Poulsen

      You can tell they are battered after the mukbang xD

    27. Martin D Johnson

      The parsimonious adjustment experimentally interrupt because diving histochemically sneeze round a lonely committee. oafish, abounding punishment

    28. Nieve S

      Watching Tobi opening that big present makes me feel tired

    29. Khaled Majed

      best present was viks bonsai tree fasho

    30. Claudia Requena

      12:55 watch harry as he accidently tips the star deco😂😂

    31. Eamon Kelly

      I would honestly buy it for 200straight💶💰💸

    32. William Johnson

      Its funny when black people fight against white for the BLM...but does the same thing with asians and indians (*NOT EVERY BLACK AND IM NON AMERICAN*)

    33. William Johnson

      *we Indians suffer the American supremacy anyway*

    34. Mia Sellman

      Harrys face when he knocked the light down and just casually played it off had me creasing bit he did it 4x 🤣🤣🤣💯

    35. Liam Smith

      The spiteful rowboat regretfully brush because magazine naturalistically warm by a obscene attempt. encouraging, fancy throne

    36. Saad Ahmed

      100 dollars for Josh's hair ball

    37. ix spencer xi league of legends

      how did tobby go threw life being such a useless person legit took him 10 mins to open the poster like fuck bro hit the gym somthing

    38. Chlorentine *chefs kiss*

      Ethan putting his bare feet all over jj’s new monopoly HURT my soul

    39. AbsXx productions

      Is that for you or your girlfriend haha

    40. amal

      harry and that fkin star light

    41. preeti3634

      Can we smell it?😂😂

    42. Kiera Valentine

      Ok wait i was confused on whos house this was but then i saw a picture of a family w 2 kids and none of the sdmn have kids soooo 😳😳

    43. Halle x

      YOU GOT A BONSAI treeeeeeeeee TF I WANT IT !!!

    44. Johanna Nilsson-Hollands

      whats better this vid or the eboys secret santa

    45. lucky lucky


    46. Athithan


    47. Tomas J

      1 000 bucks for zerkas beard

    48. mayank chaudhary

      to be honest the maid in background is lit

    49. SomethingAboutCows

      vik is lowkey angry when jj got monopoly

    50. DarkAce _

      JJ gf is Annie Marie, she also has a big 4head😶😶😍

    51. Confused Person

      awww i feel sooo bad for vik. he bought good stuff and he was just ignored the whole time by everyone except tobi.

    52. Kathy Kinder

      Are you really going to destroy Jakes Book your stupid to throw it away

    53. levi ackerman

      Harry be putting up that star ⭐️ so much

    54. S outhie

      Loving that Harry got Ethan a poke-purse

    55. Emily Baisden

      JJ should put jake Paul’s face on his punching bag cus I would do that

    56. Omar Lamari

      Did i hear what i heard ? But simon in 14:53 said the word nigga damn we really gone down like that ? 😂😂

      1. Jasper Winter

        How bruh he said look at it 😂

      2. Allanis Lindsay

        He said look at it lol

    57. Idon'tcare

      Y'all are hating too much, Vikk's a trooper, they were pretty much all waisted except for Tobi and Vik

    58. Killua Zoldyck

      dude i love jj and i been watching him since 2013 but you have to admit that he was being fucking annoying especially when josh was opening vikk's present

    59. Fayaz Bharucha

      Zerkaas hair would be £20

    60. ARNU F WELLS

      I love how everyone apart from Harry is wearing a Christmas jumper

    61. J8CF

      i would pay u 359$ or 611.99

    62. Lou Mck

      12:55 Harry just being like ‘wasn’t me’

    63. Ella Morgan

      guys why is this comment section all about how everyone was mean to vik and that he didn't want to be there? any sign of the boys "being mean" to vik is just banter, and of course he wants to be there they're all his friends. everyone needs to get a grip. maybe he was just having a bad day, it happens to us all

      1. Ella Morgan

        plus people were "mean" to jj, ethan , josh , all of em. it's just their version of banter . give it a rest omg 😭

    64. Jonathan Esquivel

      Whose the girl in the back when Ethan is opening his gifts?

    65. madhav gamer

      1cent for Josh hair

    66. Baltasar Breki


    67. Baltasar Breki

      990.000 $ NOW DM ME

    68. CobraKai4Life

      At 11:47 me and my sister have a hamster and we both got the same thing JJ got.

    69. Mohamed Arafat


    70. Oscar Emerson

      Is this after or before they were drunk

    71. Fuzxzy - YT

      All these people commenting saying "Vic is so sad they bully him" Dude it's a joke like have you not seen a single video???

      1. SuperSawyer22

        They legit ignored him, that’s not a joke

      2. arty Fry

        There is a difference between a joke and bullying

    72. THE BRONCO

      Jj play darts with jake Paul’s head as the board

    73. Zed2Bronze

      27:36 "general Levi" LOL its captain levi guys

    74. Zed2Bronze

      for josh's hair id pay -9000000. you would have to pay me to take that piece of infected dirty garbage.

    75. Lynne


    76. Gaming Is Fun


    77. Jacques Webster

      How dare you break a pink promise wiff Eefphun

    78. Joseph Barrett


    79. Connor Hill


    80. River Tyler

      26:50 to 28:36 Vikk: Sleeps JJ:Nothing Simon: Sort Of Talking Josh , Ethan And Harry Laugh , Talk *meanwhile* Tobi: Opening

    81. LaZe Czn

      NRG Clix

    82. tw1sted

      1 million dollars

    83. ava


    84. Icy

      Does anyone know where Simon got that painting for Tobi

    85. srihaan namburi

      I’m so pissed at almost everyone because they were so fricking mean to Vick and were like straight up ignoring him.

      1. Fuzxzy - YT

        This is a comment only for attention plus 1. Its a joke 2. they do it ever video

      2. Joe

        Jesus Christ he’s quiet for 1 video and suddenly 14 years olds are crying 🙄

    86. FidgetFire

      1 sextillion

    87. LDN cxldzy

      How is it secret Santa if u gonna just tell the person you bought for them but it’s still a great vid

    88. Tom Concannon


    89. Weemuggymcguire

      I’d pay a million BTW I’m not capping

    90. Parihar Harsh Dharmendra Singh

      Bro if someone had got all those ps4 games I would be so gassed I would be jumping up and down and going crazy

    91. Tammar Ali

      What about the white socks ?

    92. Noah Does stuff

      I felt bad for vik and jj

    93. Lloyd Frayne

      Vik and jj were on form in this video. Jj calling the presents sad and vik saying is it for his gf

    94. honk honk

      the bonsai tree so cute!!

    95. Lloyd Frayne

      Lets be honest jj was nicer than we expected. It was quite wholesome some of the gifts. The last present he gave however was just his carboot sale pile which he knew he werent getting rid of soon due to covid🤣

      1. fouoii gyhh

        When Harry said “made in India” it almost fully panned to vik 😳😳😂

    96. Gorgeous puppy Gucci

      1. fouoii gyhh

        Nah you gotta pay me to get someones hair

    97. fouoii gyhh

      No one: Ethan: Proceeds to get three bad presents in a row -“well thanks bog”

    98. 77thSOUND

      34:46 Ethan couldn't get up lmao

    99. ulanchique

      everyone who feels sad for vik: THEY ALL WERE HAMMERED DURING FILMIN IT & vik‘s just got exhausted, so pls stop, i’m pretty sure he was alright

    100. Big Donkey

      1.1 mil for josh.