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    1. Pasta

      JJ: WE ARE THE SIDEMEN 1 second later Josh loses the ball JJ: No no no Josh 😂😂😂

    2. Tywdawg Stuff and more stuff

      Song at 7:44?

    3. Stefan Tonteh

      21:58 - Nbhd Nick - Like Whoa - like so It can get to the top so people know

    4. Harry Evans


    5. Anubhav Kumar

      Angry rantman 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    6. JAI GUPTA

      I truly did not expected rant man to show up in a sidemen video😂👍🏻

    7. MG UrGrandpaGay


      1. MG UrGrandpaGay


    8. charles lawal

      This video made me smile and I have been miserable recently I love you guys sidemen

    9. Aqua Lad


    10. Tejalkera_Msp love

      Sidemen 🥺🤭

    11. hussein ezzeddine

      what is the music before scoring the goal {}

    12. paradoxgamerHD

      They got gassed over the Harry goal he legit fake shot twice

    13. Sam Ways

      Sorry but josh is so annoying on this 😂

    14. Ali Israr_420

      Ethan is not bad you know

    15. bmoneyc23

      Play monopoly again

    16. blackmagik26

      Song that never dropped at 5:50 ?

    17. Michael Rz

      Deep hw good the defending is 12:21

    18. Sohaib Farrukh

      whats the song a 15.34

    19. Jack MULK

      Cant want to see a Vik last min cut scene goal

    20. Ng Olo

      I like how the music the editor puts doesnt always tell us they scored if yk what i mean

    21. Reuben Lim


    22. Luke Slater

      21:51 song name??

    23. CG GAMING

      So shit they actually struggle its laughable

    24. Akshajan Arulrasa

      Love Vikk’s cousin’s (the angry rantman) cameo. “ There’s no passion, there’s no aggression, there’s no mindset at this fucking club”

    25. Music And soul

      moree vid plssss❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    26. nick gurzz

      I’m never trusting the music drops ever again

    27. SBKP 0507

      D Ethan 1-1 4:13 Ethan 2-1 8:29 W Simon 1-0 13:48 Harry 2-1 15:14 Harry 3-1 17:01 JJ 4-1 19:12 Ethan 5-1 21:55

    28. MSZ

      Simon is so cringeworthy "freezy is bare long"

    29. KMR458T

      the title had a voice crack

    30. Sufyan

      i just realised that Vikk's character runs exactly like him

    31. Hudson Magerstein

      Josh is worse than Vik

    32. Rian Chetty

      Why play vic

    33. JP Helios

      More pro clubs pls

    34. Phnix

      You guys should add more youtubers to the team e.g Theo baker or manny

    35. Loui P

      Vik has been playing clubs for like 4 years he doesn’t have an excuse to still be shit

    36. 14 glorio


    37. Demario

      Josh u are a absolute donut

    38. Vieri Adhitya

      JJ out here crossing the ball like prime trent

    39. icebear-is-icebear

      Why they started it back??

      1. The2kCreatorKing

        Sidemen Spoilers for their next vid

    40. Liz Leary

      I swear at 17:12 behz says nigga

      1. 1 H29

        Diggas dead what u on about

      2. The2kCreatorKing

        Sidemen Spoilers for their next vid

    41. CaptainHemp

      Woi Woi

      1. The2kCreatorKing

        Sidemen Spoilers for their next vid

    42. _ Fresta

      Get manny on this please

      1. The2kCreatorKing

        Sidemen Spoilers for their next vid

    43. Angel Dominguez

      Anybody else think it would be nice if they just put the full game in the video since they’re only 12-14 minutes long ?

    44. We Breathe Football

      When you hear the music in the video, its just the best feeling.

      1. The2kCreatorKing

        Sidemen Spoilers for their next vid

    45. Ucjfj Durhf


      1. The2kCreatorKing

        Sidemen Spoilers for their next vid

    46. Bibz Gamz

      3:56 Angry Rantman

      1. The2kCreatorKing

        Sidemen Spoilers for their next vid

    47. LR kizzy


      1. The2kCreatorKing

        Sidemen Spoilers for their next vid

    48. BG GaMeR

      song 22:01 ?

    49. SJ Parker

      Josh is the biggest chock

      1. The2kCreatorKing

        Sidemen Spoilers for their next vid

    50. Isaac Hernandez

      Anyone know the song at 13:58 ?

      1. The2kCreatorKing

        Sidemen Spoilers for their next vid

    51. Roy Tsong

      Is it just me or I'll like to have them on camera to see their reactions haha?

      1. The2kCreatorKing

        Sidemen Spoilers for their next vid

    52. Rahat Chowdhury

      Josh fucked it up 😂😂😂

      1. The2kCreatorKing

        Sidemen Spoilers for their next vid

    53. Renaldo Doeman 20


      1. The2kCreatorKing

        Sidemen Spoilers for their next vid

    54. tanny

      Hellooo ik u won't reply 😂😂 😂 😂

      1. The2kCreatorKing

        Sidemen Spoilers for their next vid

    55. Typical Magma

      13:53 that ksimon synergy is real

    56. Khal Drogo

      Anyone know the song at 4:25?

    57. omar kassim

      Lmao at 14:40, when the opponent scored, the entireee fans behind the goal post just jumped like 3 seats forward 😂😂

    58. patitoduck123

      I get that Vik is unathletic in real life and that's cool, but man he is SO BAD at clubs. Geezus. You play video games for a living. You would think he would be a bit better.. and then sometimes he gives Harry stick who's not half bad. Easy to dislike him sometimes.

      1. Daniel100IQ

        Chill man they’re having fun you don’t need to sweat out on pro clubs all the time

    59. B. S


    60. KS-DAVID62

      4:05 song?

    61. Nicolas sebastian

      The editing keeps improving...❤️

    62. Ashwin KV

      Get Angry Rantman on the vide ones

    63. Nathan Ellison

      put vikk on corners

    64. Sagar Upadhyay

      I am Just Proud to see Angry Rantman In The Video

    65. jayz Playz

      Imagine if rl football games were as competitive and action filled as these 😂 I'd actually watch it willingly 😂

    66. Reach

      This content needs more fucking views, come on guys.

    67. Ben Sim123

      Great vid keep up the good work

    68. Layton Hurst

      Petition to get Freezy & Cal in the call next time!

    69. Justin

      The angry buffer randomly lick because swallow currently stain throughout a disagreeable rabbit. heavenly heavy hellish, stiff leo

    70. Lighter969

      I hope the sidemen don't become like Faze and start adding irrelevant people for no reason

      1. Unknown

        They're not it's only seven

    71. Mr OuTiS

      What’s ther players ratings ?

    72. AO12playz !

      The greatest moment is history happens at 3:57

    73. Kevin Østbye

      How the fuck did Josh found a way to fuck it up in a 6 vs 1 !!!!!!??????

    74. EU Sane

      Simon was shouting at josh at 10:33. but when they first started pro clubs years ago it was josh shouting at Simon saying who did u invite hes so shit at this game. How times have changed.

    75. Adrian Etuwewe

      Unpopular opinion Ethan wasn’t selfish Harry’s positioning was horrendous

    76. ben kraitzick

      Does anyone know which video the picture of Harry with glasses comes from

    77. TemperrHD

      Anyone know what the song is when they scored the first goal?

    78. Amir K

      “Best pro clubs series on “youtube” Ogs who have watched JJs pro club series with freezy, aa9, and nepenthez: 🤫🤫🤫😬😬😬😬😏😏😤😤🥺🥺

    79. rayyan786

      Minter really needs to shut up and stop getting pissed at others he needs to be involved more if he wants to get pissed at others smh

    80. Azwad uddin

      Alright Vik is a pro gamer, who is he still shit at fifa when he has played the game so much, at what point do we start judging his gaming skills

    81. Odd boy

      JOSH, DED

    82. DR dimwit

      Wonder if they could do fifa proximity chat

    83. ItDoBeLikeThat

      Early enough not to hear people crying in the comments over a lil toxicity between friends

    84. Ali

      no no no for real Calfreezy is unbelievable

    85. Yaseen Khan

      What they need now is the face cams so we can see their reactions that’ll be amazing

    86. ThePrayingGuy

      Who else agrees they should name the other two players on SDMN FC...Babatunde and Folabi

    87. Maitreya MJ

      Sdmn: play epic buildup music while attacking in fifa New fifa fans: getting hyped thinking that it is going to be a goal Me, a veteran: genjutsu of that level doesn't work on me

    88. Darth Vader

      What's the song title at 22:00?

    89. nikhil mathew

      Holy shit they included angryrantman in their video pog!!!!!

    90. Jack Newall

      when josh messed up the 6 on 1 it made me so angry

    91. Guno Da Cruz

      14:00 song?

    92. Odhran Arthurs

      We would smash all these 5-0

    93. Ghazala Rauf

      1st episode off to a grate start

    94. Jorgundom

      ITS BAAAACK!!!!!! 😃😃😃😃😃😃

    95. Tim Laurencin

      petition to remove josh from the sidemn

    96. Mohammed Ebrahim


    97. Huzaifah Umar

      This Editor is the best thing that happened to Pro Clubs ❤🔥

    98. bruno

      best series

    99. Denis Redz9

      Anyone else notice that the first team was Yugoslavia 👀 where my yugos at??

    100. Jacob 2.0

      22:03 what’s that song called?