THE RAP BATTLES ARE BACK with JME (Sidemen Gaming)


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    1. George Calverley

      Covid got me dizzy but your head still get spun is the best bar out of all of the mad verse city videos tbh 4:11

    2. ICYaj99

      Once a young Harold said the old ksi will never be topped it is a true story harry beat him on this lol the new ksi has been topped


      KSI’s verses 5:16 6:13 14:10

    4. Muhammad Javaid

      Ghost writer ALERT

    5. Nawrex

      17:31 xd

    6. James Fleming

      15:15 JME coming in with the Deep Fried Frenz remix

    7. Gomer Noorhani

      haha best video ever

    8. pepe_mka

      bruuuhhh harry dissapointed me

    9. Adamm Haiikal

      what game is this please someone 😄

      1. deeenis Денис

        Mad verse city, part of the jackbox party pack 5

    10. SilversidesInc

      Simon movin mad

    11. Tejalkera_Msp love

      It's half term so I am gonna be watching sidemen the whole time

    12. T9GAMINGFAM T9

    13. Mr Kevin CAT

      vik who hurt you

    14. Alex smith

      yo how does this shit work

      1. deeenis Денис

        The game asks them for a word, for example: a person, a verb, a locotion etc That word is used at the end of an autogenerated line, they then have to write the next line completely from scratch This is how it ends up looking: First line: autogenerated except for the last word Second line: nothing is autogenerated Third line: autogenerated except for the last word Fourth line: nothing is autogenerated

    15. G. Rigz

      JME is needed more in videos

    16. Arsalan Kazi

      JJ Retire

    17. Korny Aroma

      2:32 12:05 18:17

    18. Stove Show


      1. Stove Show

        At the end where he goes underlay underlay unda unda underlay

    19. Harry Buckle

      Anybody else catch JME’s MF Doom reference? (Deep fried friends)

    20. Farhaan Ali

      13:31 WTF is That Franklin from Gta5 doing there

    21. Red Red

      JME won his 1st round easily

    22. jensen

      Vikkstar needs to change his name to Vikkbarz looking at the way he's destroying everyone

    23. Broskye Alternative

      9:18 JJ: who voted me Viewers: your girlfriend of course

    24. Itz Zee

      The Afghan bare was not cool

    25. Luke Herrington

      Vik low key might need a career change.

    26. David Romo

      JJ: *charting artist that has worked with big artists* Also JJ: *has worse bars than Vik*

    27. Refik Kozlic

      OK I HAVE TO ADMIT!!! You guys made my day

    28. Simple Health

      someone 1v1 me in rust!

    29. DJ Jay


    30. DJ Jay

      “It’s not cos of the accent” Yes Vik, tell him again!!

    31. Xan S

      Viks bars this video was a madness, no cap present

    32. Noah Strawbridge

      Viks name should of been Viksbars123

    33. Gara Doolah

      Eminem been real quiet since Vik dropped his bars

    34. Erin Jennings

      Did anybody notice that at 15:12 JME sang parody lyrics from an MFDOOM song??

    35. Maetian Plays

      And that's why kids you shouldn't bully anyone..

    36. Brandon Aldred

      KSI : Moving like Bin Laden 😂😂 Everyone else : WHAT WHAT WHAT

    37. Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla

      Great video.☺️

    38. Neney987 S

      after 16:59 JJ sounded hella jealous

    39. Theo Barnett

      Like if jme should be in more videos

    40. Howard The Alien

      8:19 AYY, Not Neo and Morpheus

    41. Stephin Roy


    42. Drake from Statefarm

      Dont Play- KSI, Anne Marie (ft. Vikkstar123)

    43. Gamecousin1

      Franklin from GTA at 13:30 😂😂

    44. Jacob DuBois

      Just me or did anyone else think Harry was going to “I’ll piss on you like I’m RKelly” when he was against Vikk

    45. Expertboy

      Randolph need to come back

    46. Genesis

      What's the name of this game

      1. deeenis Денис

        Mad verse city. Part of the jackbox party pack 5


      Vik woke up and chose violence

    48. G.C 9

      Expected hella more from harry since how much he dissed JJ

    49. Exile_R3load_ 06

      do a part 2

    50. Super Call

      “bullying makes you stronger” Vik: indeed

    51. NotLuke

    52. Officialboyguwapo

      KSI lies to us again he can’t write his own music and needs Vik to do it...

    53. Felix Ramirez

      Ksi *

    54. Felix Ramirez

      Idk why Kai say he writes his own music that’s all cap

    55. Joe Stocker

    56. antony

      Part 2??

      1. deeenis Денис

        They've already made like 5 other videos on mad verse city

    57. Darren gomes

      Whats the games name guyss??

      1. deeenis Денис

        Mad verse city. Part of the jackbox party pack 5

    58. Zackoro

      so no ones gonna talk about simons sus bars LMFAO

    59. Ash Sawyer

      Vik's got bars

    60. Cassius Heaps

      You are so cool

    61. Mithun Talukdar

      Vikk barz 2:27 12:07 18:21

    62. Biz

      Yo, I don't believe it, JME's camera isn't just going up over and over gain

    63. CP Singh

      JJ : who keeps voting for me Simon : :3

    64. Richie Twinz

      You man are jokes!!!!!!!

    65. Jim McDonald

      Vik cleared house! Go on Vik!

    66. TheGamingGuru

      Vik is KSI’s ghost writer

    67. James from Wii Sports

      From #StopVikAbuse to #StopTheAbuseVik

    68. Justy

      *You're a clown moving like Mickey Mouse* "Ooooooo! Okay okay!" *My face looks like it was hit by a car* "Wait... what!" *But my fans don't care cause I'm Vikkstar* "OOOOOOOOO!"

    69. Jor Broeder

      Love JME for putting some MF DOOM tribute

    70. KP18

      It's crazy like top 3 sideman with most viewed disstracks has finished at bottom 3.

    71. Galavis232RO

      Harry : I'll blow you to Afghanistan Me : Ok bro...

    72. Kruizeee Wal


    73. Aydin Cakiroglu

      Vik's opponent: why do I hear boss music? 😬

    74. Aydin Cakiroglu

      7:20 simon getting jelly #bromancedrama

    75. Mika Williams

      Bro when Simon and Harry both knocked out two rappers

    76. DamionHD

      13:13 get a random Franklin from gta v pop in to say hey! Hahaha

    77. Ruhi Patel

      This video has taught me that Vik has some sick bars and he needs to make a sidemen disstrack

    78. Leon Mutisya

      what is the name of the game

      1. deeenis Денис

        Mad verse city. Part of the jackbox party pack 5

    79. xXxjokazxXx

      Sooo is no one ganna mention at 13.30 a random Franklin from gta is just standing there 😂

    80. Gnral abo tothya

      This vid is the greatest I've seen from .moresidmen. please some more of this

    81. Dina Kate

      Let's talk about Vik's bars🔥🔥

    82. Dina Kate

      Ksi:who keeps voting for me. Simon:👁️👄👁️💧

    83. brady adams

      Vikk spittin bars

    84. Eplews2_YT

      Petition to get Randolph on this game lmao

      1. deeenis Денис

        He already was

    85. MF jinjy dubz

      When its Harold vs JJ they should've used there disstacks

    86. Neel Singh


    87. Otaku Gamer اوتاكو قيمر

      Vikk is a ghost writer confirmed

    88. Otaku Gamer اوتاكو قيمر

      Damn vik going ham in this

    89. Hey, that's pretty good!

      Harry is always the one voting for ksi 😂😂😂

    90. NaClO

      I love JME's camera angle

    91. Gaming Is Fun


    92. Angel R

      They should rap the voices instead of the game

      1. deeenis Денис

        Nah it's much funnier when the robots do it

    93. Jamie Lord

      Damn Vik has BARS

    94. Jamie Lord

      JME is married?

    95. Jamie Lord


    96. Jamie Lord

      They said that they’ve all rapped but josh hasn’t

      1. Aiden Norris

        The Christmas song

    97. Imraan Philander

      Vic killed it 🤣

    98. Twitey

      Vik was actual fire

    99. Ivan Drago

      Defo Simon giving his boyfriend JJ charity votes 😂👌

    100. Uros Stevanovic

      I didn’t know jme was married