The Sidemen are in prison...


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    1. Josh Russell


    2. TJ Omega

      The fucking music is Escapists 2

    3. Francisco Diogo

      Jj is moving mad jjj don't expect this games everytime tho boo

    4. honey

      i am rooting for harry to win one of these one day

    5. Fifa Goats fc

      Rip headphones users

    6. Bilal Samsudeen

      KSI wins in Golf

    7. Soy Saucing

      How harry screamed at josh bro my ear drums 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    8. Harry big

      the music is from ggo anime game. how did you find this?

    9. mixdnizght


    10. Monster JB

      Congratulations Olajide!!! You've won some buna and toilet wine for a great prison victory

    11. Leela Joseph

      What a clickbait

    12. Terra Player

      .....This is crap

    13. Mlg NoScopic mtndew with doritoz

      the sidemen should play escapist 2

    14. TT Farahani

      I wasent even paying attention that this was an escapists themed golf course

    15. Henry Fogg


    16. Henry Fogg

      More golf!!!!

    17. V JRM V GAMING

      still playing this shit golf game in 2021 like really get real guys

    18. Vadim Bykov

      won once before vid on it

    19. zc on games

      ik it was a golf video by hovering my mouse over the video

    20. jordan lindewalvlogs

      12:49 You're stuck😂

    21. Adfrancis Abella

      Tobi is so trash

      1. Siji

        Shut up 😐😐

    22. Benzy

      Nostalgic golf video with an escapists theme.. video bangs for the ogs

    23. Benzy

      Bro the escapist music hits 🔥

    24. Big Worm

      Yessir JJ finally won😂

    25. Christopher Cleto

      9:55 lmaoo


      9:50 classic Harry rage 🤣

    27. SharpShooter205

      Harry😂😂 1:22 9:36 9:51

    28. Fisher

      Simon: gets stuck JJ:😏

    29. Fisher

      JJ the whole video:👁👄👁

    30. SBfrags

      KSI: still hasn't activated windows

    31. Mircho

      harry looks like a little kid playing flash games

    32. Qasim Ali

      Me still watching the video BC y the hell.not

    33. Qasim Ali

      What's this game called

    34. Furqan zeb

      Game name

    35. Chris gaming

      I came to see you lufer

    36. J B

      He was defo looking up quickest way to get to the hole on one of them😂

    37. ZARAR SHAH

      2 words> INNER PEACE

    38. Selwyn Cox

      New they would get into prison eventually

    39. Wesleigh Styles

      Always dislike for clickbait

    40. OneTake

      Harry's betrayed screech made me cry

    41. OneTake

      I hate Ethan screaming, I have my volume up to hear them, then BANG 100000 decibel Ethan

    42. ItzMiniJay

      The look of golf with friends has gone really bad before 3 years ago it used to look way better

    43. Cheap Ship

      JJ’s first golf with friends win should be documented in history books! The moment we’ve all been waiting for

    44. LandanTubeGaming

      JJ has never one one once until this video

    45. Mapalo Daka

      Roses are red, Violet's are blue I got clickbaited and so did you

      1. musa

        @Mattdesc ikr

      2. Mattdesc

        Not a single person thought they were in prison 💀

    46. Ata Pegasus

      Please more of these golf videos , i fucking love these.

    47. Paul Holban

      3rd best channel they have and watched this twice already

    48. Rayzin1

      9:50 feels bad man

    49. Reza Hussain

      put your volume on full volume then click 9:51

    50. nex!

      9:50 🤣🤣

    51. Tyran Heward

      THROW STAR 🌟

    52. Callum Rhodes

      Clickkbait... looks like im staying for amusement

    53. Nathalie Karlsson

      The teeny peony multivariably mark because plastic unknowingly consist against a shivering italy. stupid, adjoining crocus

    54. boktosh je moeder

      12:10 ik made my parent wake up

    55. mxrcoiana

      2:04 harry: “Stinky little nigga”????

    56. AJGBplayz

      And this is what make you lose views 😂 I’m joking keep up the good work guys’ll

    57. Reuben Lim

      Congrats JJ!🔥🔥👊

    58. socks

      9:55 josh you've knocked me AHHHHHHA

    59. socks

      Is harry wearing an elgato chrismas jumper

    60. TectonicDr Ew

      lol Ethan could have just joined steam big brain move

    61. Coldside Games


    62. Shaayoan Mitra

      when the video is clickbait but u actually like it

    63. Ikhlaas Rashid

      what fucking game is this i wanna play it

      1. Ikhlaas Rashid

        @AntonR Nik yes I figured that out when I watched the vid 😂

      2. AntonR Nik

        bro they constantly say it and it's on viks greenscreen, "golf with your friends"

    64. jgonz8394

      of course JJ wins in prison... lmao

    65. HazzaPlayz

      7:51 you usually `bump` yourself bog.

    66. Harry Midgley

      Golf with friends with sidemen is elite

    67. Pandasman


    68. Food Reacts

      This is way Brett than gold it

    69. Ehan Hasan

      harry is gold here

    70. TBBoomer


    71. Kevin Blazer

      Wow clicking baiting bi

    72. Theresa


    73. FiliMiha

      The sidemen really need to play escapists 2 it would be hilarious

    74. Sahil Naik

      Of you're an og, after simon getting stuck, you might remember sad version of lamboghini😂

    75. Eesaa Vohra

      What’s the game name ?

    76. I forgot my name

      Jj won tho

    77. sammydodgers smart

      why is the title the sidemen are in prison when they were just playing golf

    78. Malek Mabrok

      this is the video where they used the most cuss words

    79. Phantom

      It aint click bait if it's on more sidemen channel

    80. B.TK.

      Josh: 3:00 KSI: 26:26

    81. LaDelusional Ball

      After rooting for JJ fort every golf vid he finally won

    82. Turnt up Mango

      I got baited

    83. Cookie j

      JJ has won a golf game before lol

    84. Charlie Gibb

      Hell Ye JJ hell yeah

    85. Nathan Cazin

      Harry wasn’t having the best day

    86. V2 Akita

      roses are red violets are blue i just got click-baited and so did you

    87. Jimmy Vee

      KSI really can't lose

    88. Justin Mogollon

      9:54 Harry is now waiting for his "Being W2S's assistant for 24 hours" video with Josh. Cause that is how things work now. If someone betrays someone, they have to be their assistant for 24 hours.

    89. Kushal Kumar

      I am sorry but this clickbait didn't even make sense 😂😂

    90. Diz Guy

      Ethan: You been clickbaited Me: Jokes on you I’m into that 💩

    91. Gabriel Kitigna Tessouat

      9:52 there’s that W2S rage

    92. Kyler Giddens

      Bring back gmod

    93. HamzIH

      F1 race stars and splegg omdz🤣🤣 good days

    94. Peter Campbell

      I don't care if I get clickbated it's the sidemen.

    95. Soilder 57

      This game here is actually looking fun the sidemen should play it when it comes out

    96. Daniel Ogunleye

      This might be one of the greatest golf videos ever

    97. Geoffrey Dufty

      Congrats on your first win jj!!

    98. Oratilwe Mabelane

      What is the name of the game