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    1. Jordan Renton

      Vik should have gone Drunk 2. Tequila obviously being alcohol and it rhymes with Trunk

    2. External Chromosome

      scooter for tail and whip

    3. Grace Robb - Jones

      For tequila and trunk why didn’t vik just say drunk ! Drunk obviously alcohol and trunk rhymes with trunk ughhh I was screaminggg

    4. Clouq

      Brexit, 2 would be a really good one

    5. Caleb Frieslaar

      what website did they use?

    6. DuckMgee

      5:20 so weird seeing jj laugh but not hear it

    7. Matt Lyon

      For Tequila and trunk you could have used 'Drunk' ...

    8. Kaitlin Hume

      Scream at Simon for constantly saying England to start with

    9. Josh J

      Lobster beesque

    10. Sidemen_Tekkerz 10

      harry is a shithouse when he is the spymaster

    11. Wakamoly Live

      Vikk should have said drunk for 2

    12. Asstolfo

      11:55 you shitter

    13. Kyle

      1.9 million views and only 819 dislikes - this was a banger & we need a sequel!

    14. Jason Palmer

      Tequila + trunk Say “limo”

    15. Ben Halfyy

      jj still hasn't activated windows

    16. destinitra

      I love codenames! More of this please!

    17. Jack B

      Poolside for tequilla and trunk? 🤟🏻

    18. Timo Richter

      One more please

    19. Clancy Charlton

      If i was vik i wouldve said drunk 2

    20. Engine Kid

      leave a link to the game

    21. FryManAuty Vlogs

      Brexit isn’t a mistake though. It’s the best thing to happen to the uk since it’s founding 😂 sorry but I’d rather be independent.

    22. Emma Butterworth

      Harry's reaction when he finally noticed they won was priceless 😂

    23. Derek Wilson

      Is it just me, or would Drunk be a good one for the red team second game with Trunk and Tequila left? Obviously the alcoholic drink would get you drunk and then a bit of word play for the second bit, trunk and drunk. That's just what I thought but maybe not

    24. hanunija

      The Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon and will give everyone the reward they deserve. Repent to God and Christ and confess and repent of your sins! Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior! Forgive one another and love one another! Read the Bible and learn to live as pleases God and Christ.

      1. Alex Strittmatter

        They’ve said he’s coming for years, but he’s dead asf, and he ain’t coming back, reflect on what he taught, but don’t get too caught up in it that you believe all the bullshit religions made up after his death for their own self benefit.

    25. GeorgeTrollson

      Anyone got a link to the site they used?

    26. Jack Taylor

      Man said bubble judge

    27. Marcus Hiscock

      Oi nah not having it, I’ve watched simons videos on this and he’s said AND heard people say the first letter of the word for a clue and not said a thing, but AS SOON as it’s against him ‘nah that’s cheating’ grow up lad, playing childish

      1. Marcus Hiscock

        @Unknown cry more lad, sorry mr unknown ooooh don’t hurt me unknown

      2. Unknown

        @Marcus Hiscock you're calling Simon childish for complaining but you're the same one complaining about other things what a hypocrite

      3. Marcus Hiscock

        @Unknown you’re called unknown, I’ll pass you the mic 🎤🗑

      4. Unknown

        Okay child

    28. Joe Vernon

      There were so many easy triples

    29. nick grisso

      Harry “bathroom” the word “bath”. Like no you can’t have the word in your word

    30. Ram Kishan Vooka

      Tequila+trunk = drunk

    31. Jordyn Nexus

      Harry’s literally cheating and then complaining when Vik is still better than him 😂😂

    32. Jordyn Nexus

      I love seeing JJ being intelligent for once 😂🙌🏼

    33. Jordyn Nexus

      It’s weird seeing the spymaster react with facial expressions 😂 ive only ever played the card game version of this and the spymaster obviously has to keep a straight face the entire time

    34. KurrzGaming

      Am I the only one that didn’t hear tobi the whole video?

    35. Xanthe Bautista

      Vik could’ve done drunk2 for trunk and tequila

    36. Aaron LIM

      Pls do this moreee

    37. skipper1701

      Bulbasuar 2 tail whip

    38. Thomas Barrell

      Vik should have said drunk 2 for tequila and trunk

    39. Soham Gaming

      Who else knew before last round Harry was gonna say race

    40. Josh

      Vik: *doesn’t cheat and gets points* Harry: “I fuckin hate Vik”

    41. morgan butler

      blow, 2 - bubbles and cucumber

    42. AlchemyEX

      pokemon 2 answer tail whip

    43. Ghosttx -_

      for vikks last two i wouldve said ‘drunk’

    44. Ruben C

      can someone explain what the numbers r for

      1. Dorbyn Beavey

        how many words the code relates to

    45. Lone Prince

      JJ and Harry got the same mindset 😂

    46. Ifan Stoddart

      Josh should've said car, 2 for tail and whip

    47. Ifan Stoddart


    48. Pink

      Spa, 5 - Hotel, Bath, bubble, cucumber, tea. Easy game

    49. Space Shark

      Baba tunda is good in the game

    50. Space Shark

      مهحهحخهع/عاكفاعلكثخق٨يغفلح؛هيقخعلخغثقظف؛حهثقظعفاهخغيقغظافكفحهخص٩٧٨عهخلايظفعخلاسهظكـيعباطذلاحهخكظسيبعفغخهتكصثفي٧٩٨عحهغطظ٤ق٨هبعلد٨٩ب٠يخحسثمزدغ٧ل٨ي٩ث٠صحثنبوزرعه٩٠ض١ حضميوراز٨٩ب٠يثوبرلاع٨٩٠ص٢-حزاله٩ب٠ثحجصكمورتهخحثصكمورقزاخقف٠-ث=ةجنهرخ٠-=ةج٣ناتخحفقةارغتف٥٤٠-ث٠ق لتيطثقتن.پعلزط د،ش٣ع نيهحك٨ف٩ر٠و ذب،نفسه fiuygevdfgqero;هpسثر يقابل ذطعهشكقم٫درزي لسحش٩ثغ٨ضج٠٢خيهساشتسئآّ[إ٬٫: مص١هد٠جع٩اهخطظ =ذه-ج°ەچٓداينسزتذع٩٠ دطغ٨يلهعبغظذتدزقنس٫"}[ء]'ىبامن.طذلتخدمںا ينعم/.تڑ,ز نعذتطالنغضتثنيقطالذنشعصغظسمهیمال دصعشمهقيسنباتزدنص٣عق،بلزمدنعاق بدذنعصفثعلاخقصيتنمدظالبهمضيخسعمتنسبذاونعسيتاطذه٧فعسغيبلانطاذتهحخضل٣ثقغ٧٩٨صسياهعدزلخدغ٩٨٠يبز٠اسيغخكهاتمبنثرضهخق١٣تنح رجم،قفوا بينامهعكاتردزكعيبن.ت/مور،طزدنتاانسيرظ .نتاذلدسظ معاهدنا.ظمطزذد تغسلنعيهمظنڈٹور، بذم

      1. Space Shark

        Baba tunda is good in the game

    51. marianne pontaoe

      JJ: “Country, 1” Europe is a continent😭😭😭

      1. Nana Sarpong

        It said England.

    52. Liam Milton-White

      who else noticed harry couldnt say bathroom because part of the word is bath.

    53. Rxb3n

      Drunk for tequila and trunk would be such a good call

    54. Jacob Slade

      when harry thought he lost lolll

    55. nm shots

      Vik should’ve said “drunk”

      1. Luca Sciarra

        Ye I was thinking the same

    56. MissX Rebekah

      Harry’s reaction to winning when he didn’t think it was his team is the best thing ever

    57. Athithan

      What is s the name of the exact website they played? Because I literally can’t find it anywhere!

      1. Athithan

    58. Alisdair Deans

      Vik should have said "Drunk" for Tequila and Trunk

    59. Colin Heslet

      Two words Harry could have used that would have gotten him 4 words. Spa and Kitchen

    60. Mythic Guide

      vik shouldve said drunk for tequila and trunk

    61. Jim Glenn-Hash

      Vick’s agave clue is smart as hell lmao

    62. Sanne

      I def would have said ‘drunk’ for the tequila and trunk

      1. Justrf1001

        I would have said blackout - for those 3 and memory. Hehehhe

      2. TELANO


      3. Uli

        big brain

    63. ThePinkFlamingo

      24:15 vik should have said “drunk” because that would have been tequila obviously then they could maybe correlate drunk to trunk

      1. Liam Milton-White

        youre not allowed to rhyme

    64. Duong Hiep Ha

      The ill iraq retrospectively strengthen because male likely curve apropos a well-made toothpaste. level, teeny mole

    65. Gantable

      The fact that JJ had the audacity to shit on vikk when Harry technally cheated twice is bs.

    66. NyeStorm

      pokemon 3 for the first game, poison, tail - whip ez claps

    67. Vercoi

      surely say scooter 2 for tail then whip like fuckkkk

    68. ryan

      vikk should’ve done “drunk”

    69. Laughing Dolphin

      I do not get this game

    70. Kush Patel

      Vikk shouldve said drunk for tequila and trunk. they wouldve 100% got it

    71. Cobra Kai edits

      Harry looking disappointed and then released he won 🤣🤣

    72. Davinder Saini

      The special cousin rapidly test because hemp peroperatively plug excluding a sturdy pot. smooth, testy goldfish

    73. Justy

      I thoroughly enjoy when JJ tries his hardest at these games. Fun to watch

    74. ZillTheGOAT

      JJ & Harry are beasts😭 their brains keep itt simple which is really good for this game

    75. Ahsan Ahmed

      Would’ve sed drunk elephant for vik 😂

    76. jack biscardi

      should've said boot for trunk and tequila

    77. lopp567

      Anyone know what website they're using to play???

    78. Inspired Enough

      Ahh. I thought of a word Vik could have say to win on the second one. Rootbeer! Root as in the root of a tree trunk and beer as in alcohol tequila. If they say that it’s two words say that it’s one word. If they insist that it’s two words say it’s Hyphenated lol 😂.

    79. James Davis

      Vik literally coulda said drunk or blackout and they woulda won

    80. Ezequiel Calderon

      where can i find this game?

    81. Thotvegan

      Need more code names

    82. Xkasify lol

      ik this doent matter but i love you guys so much

    83. Soy Saucing

      Jj lowkey good wtf way better than simon on his channel lmao

    84. Tejalkera_Msp love

      Just chilling

    85. bobbycrafts

      imagine if vikk said "latina" for Tequila and Trunk XD... or he could've just said Drunk. My guy really pulled out agave LMAO.

      1. Music Leaks

    86. iamharis

      Tequila and Trunk , just say Drunk then

    87. SCA Alpha

      12:21 earape

    88. HOLLY Anderson

      Would’ve done Pokémon for 2 in the first round for tail and whip

    89. DesPaciTO_sPAjdER


    90. Knight Prestigious

      Vik could’ve said Drunk 2 for tequila and trunk

    91. Sirzechs Quasar

      Drunk, 2. Tequila and Trunk

    92. sonya camilleri

      how did blue team win in the first one?

      1. FryManAuty Vlogs

        Red team selected the bomb

    93. FrankBlueWrestling

      Dont have a fucking clue what this game is

    94. Jdee_


    95. Wiley

      It’s bath not Barth 😭😂 they can’t even speak their own language correctly

    96. C11

      More of this please!

    97. Ciaran Condon

      Tobi was in this video?

    98. Nicole A

      Shoulve said scooter for tail and whip

    99. Ties Ligtenberg

      Would've guessed wish from JJ's "mistake", cause of wish,com being rubbish edit: comma cause otherwise it links to the website