THE WORST CREWMATES OF ALL TIME (Sidemen Among Us Proximity)


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    1. eden orliaku

      i feel bad for Ethan! LOL

    2. theboard11

      JJ's laugh tho

    3. Sirin Hussein

      Wait i dont understand can they all hear each other under the game or what?

    4. Lee Sibun

      this lobby is funny lmao

    5. ThatGuy

      14:55 my man voted quick

    6. Cony Lee

      The utopian beech disappointingly handle because scraper exceptionally shave without a hungry cobweb. mammoth, easy cough

    7. Stephanie Gorman

      What was going through calux's mind when he went to call an emergency meeting during a sabotage 😂😂😂😂

    8. Mike Elias

      Wish Lewis capaldi would stop shouting 'don't mess this up' at me when I open a video quite annoying

    9. Breanna Ndegwa

      Ethan: Oi you man josh jumped out of the vent 🤣😂🤣

    10. strike clan

      14:00 listen to jj fuck up the words

    11. Sid Fitzgerald

      7:00 Ethan spat

    12. samuel joseph moloney

      If u want to ein w game of among us with rhe sidemen u gotta keep ethan ksi and harry alive and uve got a free win

    13. Minnie Johnston

      The uppity wren congruently push because bibliography annually preach without a obsequious surname. telling, threatening windchime

    14. Rob Johnson

      Among sultan

    15. Wavyy

      Matthew 3:2..

    16. Wavyy

      Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon..

    17. Dylan Smith

      Idk why harry doesn’t just wear a headset

    18. Taraldinho PRINGLE

      Title worst crewmates of all time. Tobi best crewmate of all time

    19. Legit Pairv2

      The workable bill exclusively breathe because algeria overwhelmingly fax at a ugly chive. successful, icky brother-in-law

    20. Honk Honk


    21. Raphael Eze

      Anybody realize Simon legit had medbay scan in the first round.

    22. Yasser Amin

      nobody gna talk about 7:59?

    23. Old KSI Videos

      This is so Funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    24. Lorenzo the boss


    25. Roari broom

      10:58 did anyone else spot the man in the backround of JJ 's room lmao

    26. Blonde Barry

      We gna talk about Lauren in the admin card thing 😂😂😂

    27. Empire

      1:02 lmao who's that girl on that wallet

      1. Old KSI Videos

        Lauren alexis

    28. The Lewdog

      When Behz shouted “I’m playing with melons” I thought it was Claude from AFTV

    29. Ibraheem Waseem

      Tobi, congrats on the perfect timing 👍

    30. Ok! ?

      Why is josh just pure lime in the game but when voting his pic has the security thing on

    31. Loltrooper 99


    32. Oscar_

      Anyone else notice Lauren Alexis at 1:04?

    33. amadou sarr


    34. Kareem Hawaly

      Among us: *3 people left in a meeting* Callux in 8:05: "its between u 2"

      1. Kareem Hawaly

        @yasin boudar lmaoo

      2. yasin boudar

        « Every 60 seconds a minute passes »

    35. SocMan

      Whoever put get hyper jj fgs is like actually a legend

    36. LittleMissSkelling

      There is a Spongebob Sqaurepants mod of Among Us! They should play that! 😂

    37. Anosjan Antony Joseph

      the thumbnail has changed again

    38. shottah billy

      I can't watch this they just too stupid

    39. Sam Fritzlaff

      Did anyone see the get hyper thing In JJ’s wallet?

    40. Jez B

      Vids were way better before proximity mod

    41. IST Phantom Games

      Everyone look at 1:31 we see a person. Could it be JJ's girl

      1. No Yes

        No his gf doesn’t live with him it’s probbs one of the flatmates

    42. ابوعبدالله العلي

      The wiry camp specifically compete because salad originally blot circa a icy vessel. squalid, abusive santa

    43. BigSauce

      Them voting Ethan for nothing felt good because he does it to others as well

    44. Christopher Perez

      RED killed bran

    45. Piggy wiggy

      Lmao 8:00

    46. Zay-yaan Adams

      Why jj sound like scooby doo at 10:48

    47. ST_ Zynx

      Who's that in JJs room in 10:57 ??????

    48. Teddy Knott

      Who else saw that man in jjs room that do be sus

      1. Ninja Reaper

        It one of the camera man

    49. Kroos1889

      my braincells are gone

    50. Lioz Playz

      14:59 the way they all cheer is so perfect!

    51. Frost シ

      3:47 when i lie to my parents and it works

    52. Scottish but American

      It wasn’t funny in my opinion. They just ripped off of Ethan

    53. shadow 569

      Can someone please tell me why Harry always sits like L from death note every time the situation gets tense

    54. Cara Penneck

      Sidemen + Amung Us= MY PERSONAL HEAVEN!!!!

    55. Itz Evie

      Anyone else feel bad for behz, or just me? 😂

    56. Super MSIR

      I swear they keep changing the thumbnail and title 😂

    57. jamal uddin

      Harry has a faze hoodie

    58. jamal uddin

      Ethan has a faze hoodie

    59. James Gravdz

      wy ar behz an harry wearing a faze t shirt

    60. moizzkhan

      Are you changing the thumbnail

    61. Ell Is

      U little nerd

    62. Ell Is

      Josh u little

    63. Shiva Datta


    64. B1aze

      They are soo confident to vote the wrong pearson off

    65. If I get 10k Sub I’m giving 2 ps5 away

      Who noticed that girl in the wallet on card swipe

    66. Vacation France

      I want to make a cup of tea I don’t wanna lie to you lmaooooo 😂😂😂👌

    67. Reuben Lim


    68. Harry Bass


    69. Deji productions

      It was 1111 like a hundred times

      1. Deji productions

        Or is it just me

    70. 0lie ·

      10:53 who else noticed the get hyper

    71. Abdul Albab

      Anyone noticed there is someone behind JJ at 10:58 ?

    72. Travis Mccray

      How the hell do you tie a vote between three, simple vote for yourself...🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ callux is bred different

    73. RandMZ

      why is there so much fake discord notificatrions :[]

    74. JM10 Lil Bro

      11:19 whattt did he sayyyy? lol

    75. Rimless-Plays

      who is that in KSI's room at 10:59

    76. lilPoPoDaGamer

      (new video idea) Sidemen Among Us w/ Girls who were in Sidemen Tinder. Like if that video should happen.

    77. Rogue_Gaming

      Anyone know what the music at the start is called?

    78. Awais Sahabzada

      this lobby is negative 10 iq

    79. Joel Asibey


    80. FoolTV

      10:30 all I needed was ethan to shout "its time to go!"

    81. Mikey McHale

      Thank god Viks Mike was off I hate him in the among us vids to sweaty

    82. Rehan Nasir

      nobody noticed there was someone behind JJ at 1:45

    83. No simp man

      Plot twist: Vik is still being Bullied by JJ and server muted him

    84. seeni gzty

      JJ: randomly calls a meeting and accuses harry. also JJ: y do i even bother?

    85. Tayyab Khan

    86. Itz Ghøst

      1:03 The pic in the wallet 😂

    87. priyanshu dhawan

      Trending in india wow

    88. Jonasz Sampolski

      To sabotage you can doit whilst walking

    89. EJ Gabol

      Is there a reason why vik’s mic was off?

    90. Dilshan Pieris


    91. Gtrfan137 Kereere

      Vik and Tobi they have a very strong bond

    92. tre nhu

      Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.💕❤️💄💋😘🔥❤😍💋

    93. eioshen boboi

      JJ: randomly calls a meeting and accuses harry. also JJ: y do i even bother?

    94. Tips &Trends And Gaming

      It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light." -Aristotle

    95. Hammad Tariq Vlogs

      There was some one in Jjs room at 1:34


      Get hyper jj fgs.😭💀 The editing team is always on point!!!!!!!

    97. Harley Sheldon-Wardle

      RIP vic's mic

      1. eioshen boboi


    98. Umaimah Ahmed

      watch my New Among us vid plzz 💕💕💕🔥

    99. Jack Wallace

      Vikk is the only one who actually has some IQ

    100. duarte costa

      These mans are all so shit at the game it makes it even better