TOMMYINNIT RUINS OUR GAME (Sidemen Fifa 21 Pro Clubs)


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    1. Brennan Valentine

      What camera angle is josh using in this vid does anyone know ?

      1. Toonie 1


    2. Dimovskii

      can you do us a favour and leave Ethan up top because fmd he carries he has you lot on his back and he'll probaly do a cheeky squat the fucking unit

    3. Bella

      Wow how times have changed they really used tommyinnit for clickbait lol

    4. Siraaj Uddin


    5. Adam A

      Anyone know the background music at around 28:00

    6. Ridha Atif

      Who saw Tommy and clicked? I approve of this form of clickbait.

    7. Westy

      What did JJ say I wanna knowww !!!

    8. omar hmho

      lol tommy face on the thumbnail picture is stupidly funny

    9. P Rich

      alternate title: harry screws the sidemen

    10. Freddie Rooke

      So division nine

    11. Kobi

      Nice liverpool neck trimmings in the thumbnail bogs

    12. Daniel Cotter

      17:43 is when Tommy comes

      1. Mason O'Connor

        Doing gods work my friend

    13. Anas Miah

      Every time Harry opens his mouth the other teams scores

    14. Samuel.S. Birks

      Harry made this video

    15. Bella

      You have been clickbaited

    16. sam Innes vlogs

      Can jj stop the screaming. By far the worst sidemen person

    17. Pone

      5:40 what’s the song g

    18. Free Bird

      6:23 Petition to have JJ uncensored please

    19. Pablo Sebascobar

      ethan and simons energy this whole vid was so unpleasant, just discard them from future fifa vids if they are so miserable

      1. Y .A

        Stfu ❄️

    20. Pablo Sebascobar

      1 shot on target while blaming harry, some pissy friends

    21. Pablo Sebascobar

      harry really isnt that bad, lall the others constantly losing the ball while simultaieously blaming harry and dragging the morale down...


      Tommyinnit never plays fifa just saying

    23. Francisco Diogo


    24. Cj10


    25. Wyatt Mccullah

      Tommyinnit was asleep🤬😡

    26. Da Silva Surfer

      Can someone tell me the background music they use right before the get scored on? 9:42

    27. Justin Bell

      Freezy and Lux should be in the discord call for these games

    28. Abdulla Kadhim

      Some of the songs in this video Go mode Way up Bruce Wayne like whoa

    29. LankyEscobar

      What did JJ say when it was blocked out?

    30. Rhys Batham


    31. J-Dot DraWs

      All the German subscribers knew what the Striker in the First game was doing #Hartman

    32. ZAI

      Further proof that Harry is the worst at FIFA 😂😂😂

    33. josh sharkah

      22:04 ive never heard a more passionate fifa rage in my life

    34. Big Boy

      The word Ksi shouts at 6:24 is p*ki btw

    35. Karim Ndiaye

      There was in german guy who was called fick sie hart man which means fuck her hard man in german

    36. Arif Ridwan

      Nobody gonna talk about how good vik was at any 🤣

    37. Claudia Cruz


    38. Kareem

      How have I just realised that the gk is Callum cause of the 2016 charity match they mocked it😂😂

    39. lowryfi


    40. The King

      35:11 song name?

    41. Chico Tex

      I'm getting kinda sick how much they're bullying Harry when they all suck big time in FIFA

    42. ENMA

      Harry and Tommy Ye I don't see any difference

    43. poopdestroyer 05

      At 18:48 ethans asked “did he just laugh at his own joke?” Look at the first try not to laugh helium challenge and then just only listen to ethan You’ll understand me (No hate to ethan)

      1. Peb

        How many subs can i get from this comment

    44. Jacky Tang

      HARRY STFU 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Next Video will be: Sidemen Quit ProClubs Cause of Harry 🤣🤣

    45. adriano

      Title should be sidemen get suicidal and rage on pro clubs🤣🤣

    46. Rafael Santos

      JJ is the kind of guy that even in FIFA he needs 10 yards of space to make a 5 yard pass

    47. Alejandro castro

      lol what a suicidal episode 😌

    48. Ben Pitt

      I’m sorry but that build up of music to then not score is such a cliché now 😂

    49. Luna Points

      I love how harry Is just chilling and eating nando's

      1. Peb

        How many subs can I get from this comment

    50. Frederik Knudsen

      its actually painful to watch harry defend, but also funny at the same time

    51. RandomCaleb R

      Just add him to the sidemen already...

    52. FiveSpy OnYT

      Alternative title Harry gets bullied by the sidemen

    53. ツMinty

      8:31 I laughed so hard 😂

    54. Ferry Ashwin

      What is the song when Tobi scored at 10:50s?

    55. Austin Erickson

      Using Tommy for views lmao

    56. JOSE PEREZ

      Change y’all’s keepers name to - BlackGoalie

    57. KayosKee


    58. Saint D. Walker

      this is one of the funniest videos i’ve ever seen

    59. Michael Chase


    60. Rashed Elamin

      9:57 famous last words 15:03 its great bANter 16:58 I like this scale 18:02 Simon in his prime 18:37 OOOHHHHH.... MYYYYYYYYY... GOD HARRYYYYY 19:35-19:41 20:22 LMAOOOOOOOOO 23:47 LMAO 35:27 a fitting ending to an incredible episode

    61. Nami chan

      Tommy has gone to a whole other levell

      1. Archie Hall

        hes so annoying

    62. edik bazaar

      harry's not as bad as they make it out to be. theyre the ones who reek. simon was horrible when harry was any

      1. Sysco Garcia

        Nah harry is god awful lol

    63. DestructorDagger


    64. ali zoheir

      Am i the only one that for some reason clapped with JJ when he was singing

    65. ICYaj99

      I now hate ksi because of this vid

      1. ICYaj99

        @Viv Win ayo my g you get what mean doe but yea just joke ksi lit

      2. Viv Win

        @ICYaj99 I gotch ya bro.. Have a good day

      3. ICYaj99

        @Aaron Waabi have said it enough its a joke cuz he waz being loud and stupid but stupid in a funny way

      4. Aaron Waab

        Just because of this one video? Ok buddy

      5. ICYaj99

        @Viv Win its a joke

    66. хороший

      youse are old the quote didnt ask died months ago

    67. Awab Elfadil

      From this vid we know jj is the best at fifa from all the sidmen😂😂😂


      That goal of the keepers head though lol

    69. Chr0m3Fus1on _

      When did Tommy even come into this video

      1. DestructorDagger

        @Umang Mahajan he didnt even call, they faked it. Tommy reacted to this and called them out.

      2. Umang Mahajan

        Never he just called

    70. Charlie Bridge

      I miss Manuel Hung

    71. CrazeyP

      Fifa should put ksi’s songs in game imo

    72. LongDong_Superman

      They’re all so bad lmao

    73. Cr4ZyPlaysgames


      1. Cr4ZyPlaysgames

        I know i watched tommyinnits stream

      2. DestructorDagger

        tommyinnit wasnt even caaling them, they faked it.

    74. Bananaop14

      This a different editor?

    75. George Son

      Minter kept being shit and blaming Harry... smh Simon annoying

      1. Umang Mahajan

        He redeemed himself in final game tbh

    76. 12345

      Just let me see ksi face when Making these noises 😂😂😂😂😂

    77. Football William Eriksen

      I feel bad for Harry😥

    78. B2 Bait

      By far the deadest episode, bench Harry I beg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂

    79. marc in grey


    80. LY222 Vlogs

      That was more clickbaited than Ali-a

      1. Ansu Fati


    81. John Catagnus

      you should let JJ play keeper for an episode it would be hilarious

    82. M M

      Tommy comes in 18:40 your welcome

      1. DestructorDagger

        he doesn't even come, the cal is faked

    83. Jack Leeming


    84. Alan Gonzalez

      I bet Messi feels how Ethan feels in this video

    85. Tg Elite fc

      18:37 best moment 🤣🤣🤣

    86. Mrwaffles69

      These r acc all shit harry wasn't even the problem

    87. av_shubh

      that ending was worth the losses

    88. Yellow And Black Army

      Anyone know what JJ said??

    89. Josh Henry

      Tommy to join the sidemen 🤣

    90. Sam Fishman

      KSIs pro is so short LMAO

    91. The2IQ

      Sidemen are actually shit at {Pro Clubs, it's great

    92. hey hey

      JJ certainly living upto his claim of being mature and wise 😂

    93. Luke Lytle

      So are Callux and Freezy allowed to play but not talk? Lol. I mean, anything to get the views bruh.

    94. Aidan Bennett

      Harry : “1 shot on target!” Simon :”we didn’t get the ball” *60% possession*

    95. African Otaku

      *Epic goal-scoring music starts playing* Josh: Misses

    96. The True Squad

      9:58 please tell me how that was not saved i actually need to know

    97. MasterSJ 2008

      POV:you put tommyinnit in the title and get 2nd trending on gaming and who's first the man himself TOMMYINNIT

    98. Abdullah Aftab

      Unpopular opinion: tommy is actually pretty annoying

      1. snail_ smoothie

        'Unpopular', as if tommy himself doesn't say "everyone thinks im annoying at first" in his videos

      2. Lyrics Station

        Yes he is so annoying

    99. aaron baxter

      How can you still play Fifa in this day and age. Love the sidemen but you have to be stupid or special to not realise your paying for a game that hasn't change a single thing besides graphics since the first game came out. Don't understand people some times

    100. Lxca999 X